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HPT Pharma

Leaving the safety net of a large organization to spin off a business is no small feat. But that’s exactly what happened in 2012 when President James M. “JM” Hasson acquired HPT Pharma along with 2 partners.
One of the first things they wanted to do was rapidly build a strategy for organic growth. In order to do this effectively, they needed to understand what made them unique in the market. In particular, they needed to understand their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to grow. Understanding why customers chose them over competitors (and vice versa) was key to this strategy.
However, once they had the data and created a growth strategy, they couldn’t stop there. They had to identify how to maintain the strategy and make it part of the company DNA while still running the day-to-day operations of the small but growing organization. To make this challenge even more interesting, in 2013 HPT Pharma acquired Automotion Technologies. Along with implementing the initial growth plan, they now also needed to understand this new market, areas for growth and how this company fit into the big picture.

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James M. "JM" Hasson
James M. “JM” Hasson, President, HPT Pharma

I constantly refer to the DVIRC study. When we consider making significant business, or product development decisions or marketing strategies, I use the Voice of Customer report as an important component in the decision-making process. As we adjust our business practices now and in the future, we can go back to the same survey group to gauge our progress and uncover any opinion shifts that might impact longer-term opportunities.

James M. “JM” Hasson

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DVIRC helped align the management team around short and long term growth, and a process to execute and measure performance goals. Since implementation, sales bookings were up over 40% in 2015, and profitability increased approximately 3% as well.

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Kevin Mauger
President, NCC Automated Systems

The DVIRC team invested the time necessary to understand our processes, define the work to be done, help us align sales and marketing, and set the timeline for completion. We were delighted that the projects were completed within the specified guidelines of the goal. DVIRC was a true partner in this effort. LEM Products will continue to work with this excellent team of professionals.

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Maureen A. O’Connor
CEO, LEM Products, Inc.





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