Digital Marketing

Digital marketing—through avenues such as email, social media, or web marketing—enables businesses to communicate clearly and more effectively than traditional media options.


Many companies struggle with a lack of time or experience to successfully promote their own offerings. For many manufacturers, marketing is a great unknown that could lead to many costly missteps before they see a return on their investment. Between the expense, limitless options, and the need for specialized web marketing tools, it’s not surprising so many fail to even get started! DVIRC brings you the expertise needed to demystify the process and develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan that gets results.

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s Digital Marketing services are a perfect starting point for any business seeking an effective way to generate awareness and interest, increase site traffic, expand reach to current and prospective customers, or grow revenue. With more than 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, DVIRC is the only outsourced sales and marketing resource dedicated exclusively to small and midsized manufacturers. Along the way, we’ve established relationships and learned the most effective ways to build digital marketing plans that convey just what differentiates small- and midsized manufacturers. Our clients enjoy a proven process that minimizes their time requirements while building an effective digital presence.


  • DVIRC Digital Marketing Services are manufacturing-centric and fit any budget
  • We feature dedicated teams of digital experts that learn your business and stick with it from project to project
  • Market segmentation capabilities that allow for industry-specific campaigns designed to get measurable results
  • Quarterly performance-based planning and strategy sessions to eliminate wasted effort and focus on what works

Leverage our digital marketing expertise to grow your business.

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