ISO Auditor Training

This two-day workshop prepares you to successfully and accurately perform an internal audit of business operations as they relate to ISO certification.

Internal Auditor Training Course Overview

The internal audit function entails a tremendous amount of responsibility, including an awareness of not only the audit process as a whole, but also the specific nuances of an organization’s relevant standards. This vital role demands a practitioner with a solid understanding of internal audit methodologies.

The DVIRC Difference

Achieving ISO certification is merely the first step. Maintaining that certification long-term requires a regular audit cycle, and it is imperative to maintain effective quality processes and business practices in order to stay on the straight and narrow. Internal audits are an effective way to stay on track.

This training will cover both the newly released ISO 9001:2015 standard and the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The course will provide a bridge between the two. Students will learn to audit both versions of the standard.

Participants are guided through the audit process while we provide instruction on the ways to prepare an audit plan, conduct opening meetings, effectively audit documents and records, memorialize findings, hold a closing meeting, and write the audit report.

DVIRC’s program also includes a comprehensive overview of requirements, process approach, and management systems characteristics. What’s more, we review the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach and present a thorough explanation of all ISO clauses with practical exercises and group interactions to reinforce the coursework.

What You'll Learn in This ISO Certification Training

Over the course of two days, DVIRC’s expert instructor leads participants through:

  • An introduction to internal auditing
  • The goals and principles of auditing (ISO 19011), as well as the various types of audits
  • The latest ISO 9001:2018 revision, including risk-based auditing
  • Requirements for internal auditors, (i.e. competencies, education, and characteristics
  • Internal audit planning, conduction, closing, and follow up
  • ISO 9001:2015 requirement overview (i.e. process approach and
management systems characteristics)
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act approach
  • ISO clause explanation with practical exercises and group interactions
  • Case studies
  • Knowledge test

Benefits of the Internal Auditor Training Course

On completion of the DVIRC ISO Internal Auditor program, participants can expect to:

  • Have a working familiarity of critical audit requirements
  • Reduce quality problems by maintaining optimal process controls
  • Play an active role in retaining corporate ISO certification
  • Help their business grow through consistent business practices

Who Should Take This ISO Auditor Training Course

This program is intended for quality personnel, or others within a manufacturing organization with a need to participate in or manage the ISO internal audit process.

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