Six Sigma Green Belt

DVIRC’s Six Sigma Green Belt Certification features the region’s only team of Master Black Belts who work on-site to support and mentor clients from their initial project identification and selection to successful completion.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Overview

Green Belt certification is intended for those who hope to further understand the roles that continuous improvement, waste reduction, and other Lean principles play within key business functions. Similar to our other DVIRC certifications, the Six Sigma Green Belt curriculum is based on a “learn-and-apply” approach. Participants collaborate with the instructor to work on a real-world project; the session pays for itself through this partnership and project, with that value further reinforced by future projects.

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with on-site coaching and project support features the region’s only team of Master Black Belts who work to support and mentor clients from their initial project identification and selection straight through to successful completion. We take comprehensive steps to ensure that every Green Belt is able to function independently, requiring minimal Master Black Belt support. This is an important part of enabling graduates to deliver measurable value to their organizations—a recent class realized $3.4 million in value-added impact gained from greater performance, productivity, throughput, and quality improvements.

J.R. McGee working with DVIRC Six Sigma Green Belt students.

No other Green Belt program compares to DVIRC’s infusion of Lean basics with a hands-on curriculum designed around client business issues. It’s also fully supported by software and the statistical tools needed to improve quality.

What’s more, only DVIRC guarantees a dollar-for-dollar return on investment (ROI) for every completed Six Sigma project. If you adhere to the process laid out by our Master Black Belts, we will work with you until your project provides a value-added impact equal to (or greater than) your program investment. Our Six Sigma Green Belt training is 100% risk free!

What You'll Learn During the Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Graduates will understand the principles and techniques of data-driven decision-making and can use this process information to reduce variation and improve performance.

Completion of this unique, application-centric certification process will also enable participants to use and learn the “DMAIC” methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) to address specific operational challenges within their organizations. In this way, participants can improve and control constraining or unreliable processes to reduce costs, save time, increase customer satisfaction, and grow sales.

Our schedule enables participants to apply as they learn, meeting in groups with other Green Belt candidates to share and learn from each other.

Between classroom sessions, participants are entitled to three 1.5-hour coaching sessions with a DVIRC Master Black Belt. These coaching sessions are designed to provide one-on-one time for discussing project progress, understanding Six Sigma process-improvement principles and associated techniques, and receive guidance on the steps necessary for project completion.

Benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Each Green Belt project, on average, yields $50,000 of benefit. Through participation in the DVIRC Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you will:

  • Become competent with the tools used at each step of the DMAIC model, learning and applying each to your selected project
  • Receive coaching from a DVIRC Master Black Belt
  • Understand single piece flow, along with the “learn-and-apply” system for DMAIC
  • Schedule two days of classroom work at times that allow for integration and application of learning, balanced with work commitments and project time.

Who Should Take The Six Sigma Green Belt Course

DVIRC’s Six Sigma Green Belt program is a perfect way to groom rising stars within your operation, as well as other staff members who seek to learn and grow. Improving these skillsets is a cost effective way to help employee retention while reaping the benefits of real-world project work.

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