Lean Users Group

Join a group of Continuous Improvement leaders within the Philadelphia region’s Industrial, Manufacturing and Distribution community.

The Lean Users’ Group is made up of Lean/Continuous Improvement leaders throughout the Philadelphia region. The group provides a unique opportunity for leaders to network with fellow Lean enthusiasts to share views, ideas, and experiences, learn best practices, grow in your knowledge of Lean, and enhance your development in Lean Leadership.

Average Lean Users Group Impact

infoAll companies that engage in projects with DVIRC are surveyed by NIST through the Fors Marsh Group, an independent research firm, to validate both the quantitative and qualitative impacts. These metrics are an average per engagement since 2018.
Increase in Sales
Increase in Sales
Retained Sales
Retained Sales
Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction
Investments Made Back Into the Business
Investments Back Into Business
New and Retained Jobs
New & Retained Jobs


DVIRC’s Lean Users’ Group is the only manufacturing and industrial centric group devoted to Lean in the Philadelphia region. DVIRC’s employees are solely focused on the manufacturing sector, and our consulting clients, Lean Users’ Group members, as well as other Network Group members, are people just like you, who wear similar shoes, and need to make similar decisions every day.

This group is particularly beneficial to company leaders that are looking to grow, solve problems, and/or are undergoing significant change. Driving change is difficult, and Continuous Improvement practitioners in our workplaces deal with pushback every day; this group enables leaders to come together and share the tools and social leadership skills needed to drive organizational improvement.

The group is facilitated by a professional Continuous Improvement Master Black Belt and nationally known Lean guru, Jeff Kopenitz, and members meet six times per year. Each meeting is hosted by a member of the Lean Users’ Group and includes:

  • A best-practice facility tour
  • A case study addressing an issue the host’s business is facing
  • Best practice sharing and discussion
  • Professional facilitation
  • Regular access to DVIRC’s nationally renowned, Jeff Kopenitz

Peer group of 10-15 advisors – Industrial businesses only

  • Professional facilitation
  •  6 meetings annually
  • Access to quick benchmarking
  • Free access to Annual Manufacturer’s Executives Conference
  • Free access to special events for Network Group members (1-3 special events per year)
  • Discounted access to DVIRC’s Annual Manufacturing Summit

“...being part of this group has challenged me and helped me grow. We all seem to share the same values, but come at things from 15 different angles and it widens our eyes. I’m so thankful.”

Kevin Mauger

President, Sentinel Process System, Inc.

“DVIRC Manufacturing Network Groups foster meaningful peer relationships that increase in value over time through sharing of knowledge and experience. Manufacturing Council is my go-to advisory board when facing the toughest decisions and a regular source of wisdom, encouragement, and accountability.”

Nick Hackett

President, New Way Air Bearings

“DVIRC offers such a diversity of services for different areas of the business. We benefitted from DVIRC in many different areas of our business, and the capability from DVIRC’s professional staff was outstanding.”

Bill Chesterson

Owner & CEO, Advent Design Corporation

“Working with DVIRC provides an opportunity for ongoing training to improve our production processes, peer-to-peer learning, and advice and council on growth plans. Adopting lean methodologies and educating our employees has enabled us to increase sales dramatically, enhanced on-time delivery, and allowed the company to design innovative products and move positively to gaining competitive advantage.”

Ernie DeLany

Owner, Probes Unlimited

Join a network of lean leaders today.

Join a network of lean leaders today.

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