Environmental Health & Safety in Manufacturing

Investing in proactive Environmental, Health, and Safety programs not only helps improve your employees’ health and wellness, but it also limits liability and reduces costs associated with non-compliance.

Manufacturing Safety Overview

With ever-changing regulations and requirements needed to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, it can feel like a daunting task to ensure all boxes are checked. At DVIRC, we understand how important it is to advocate for employee wellness, and how challenging surprise costs associated with EHS non-compliance can be. We work with you to understand your business, and put in place EHS policies and procedures that will keep your employees safe and your company OSHA and EPA compliant.

The DVIRC Difference

Through our strategic partners, DVIRC can tap into the experiences and insights of highly trained EHS professionals with over 25 years of experience helping manufacturing companies meet their EHS goals. We work to thoroughly understand your needs, assess any gaps, and provide solutions uniquely tailored to your business and designed to give expedient, quality service at the best value possible. We take pride in our quality of service and responsiveness which has made us one of the leading providers of EHS services nationwide.

Our team can assist in the following areas:

  • Our Health and Safety Services include OSHA compliance support, insurance loss control and injury prevention, audits and assessments, safety accountability programs, safety hazard inspections, personal protective equipment (PPE) assessments, and training programs.
  • Our Industrial Hygiene services include chemical risk assessments, employee exposure monitoring, ventilation performance testing, laboratory health and safety, noise and air monitoring, asbestos and lead surveys/remediation, and much more.
  • Environmental Compliance services, delivered by EHS experts, include air permitting and emissions reporting, wastewater and storm water compliance, waste management, greenhouse gas inventories, environmental compliance training, and more.
  • Our expansive Water and Land Remediation offerings include Phase I environmental site assessments, Phase II subservice investigations, soil and groundwater investigations, vapor intrusion studies, and more.

Benefits of an EHS to Manufacturing

  • Access EHS team members with over 25 years working in the manufacturing industry
  • Full- or part-time support for a single facility or multi-site operation
  • Complete and comprehensive outsourcing for regional or global operations
  • Specialized support for a corporate specialty area (i.e. industrial hygiene, remediation, etc.)
  • EHS programs are managed by experts in a way that enables your management team to focus on its core business
  • Better control of operating costs
  • Better results achieved during restructuring or managing and integrating an EHS function
  • Reduction in associated human resource costs and liabilities

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