Winning Teams™ – Continuous Improvement Training

The Winning Teams™ program, developed over 10 years of delivering Continuous Improvement training to hundreds of companies, offers a customizable “learn and apply” approach that enhances an organization’s team-based problem-solving skills, combining the technical tools and desired behaviors of Lean, leadership, coaching, and organizational development.


In today’s competitive market, in which more than half of employees are searching for new jobs,* a high-performing workforce is the key to your company’s growth and survival. Learn to empower your talent to uncover and solve problems, and deliver results, which ultimately increases productivity and decreases waste. The Winning Teams™ program is ideal for leaders who understand that one of the best ways to grow their organization is through their people. DVIRC is ready to show you how.

The DVIRC Difference

This program will help any business set the foundation for world-class performance by ensuring leadership is aligned with performance targets that are understood and deployed to every corner of the business. With DVIRC’s unique “learn and apply” approach, we work with clients on-site to identify 3-5 projects that support the organization’s strategic direction. This enhances the quality of learning while building the organization’s capabilities and providing a healthy return on investment. Each organization gains tremendous productivity value and the ability to sustain improvements utilizing the tools and methods of Continuous Improvement. Our experts are available to partner with you to customize and adapt this program to meet your specific organizational needs. The program consists of the following core curriculum elements:

  • Program/Project Planning
  • A3 Thinking
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Effective Communication
  • Principles of Kata
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Standard Work
  • Principles of Lean
  • Change Management
  • Visual Workplace
  • High Performance Teams
  • Setup/Changeover Reduction (SMED)
  • Individual and team coaching days
  • Project Report-outs

Benefits of the Continuous Improvement Training

  • Improved company profitability through improved efficiency, customer service, and quality
  • Proven and repeatable savings
  • Improved organizational alignment, collaboration, and communications
  • Quantifiable results
  • Development of cross-functional teams
  • Cultural shift towards the company’s strategy
  • Develops effective problem solvers
  • Leadership development of participating employees
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Enhances the organization’s capability for sustainability and further improvements

Begin your business transformation today.

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