Manufacturing Branding & Design

A professional branding and design effort is the most effective means of distinguishing your products and services in a crowded marketplace and enables you to differentiate your company from competition.

Overview of Branding for Manufacturers

Small and midsized manufacturing (SMM) companies struggle to differentiate themselves in a sea of competition. Too many rely on price as an advantage in the absence of effective core competencies such as innovative products, unique manufacturing capabilities, or other means of delivering a distinct competitive advantage. DVIRC’s branding and design services gather core competencies, visual marketing, and a study of value proposition elements to create a messaging and a graphic design package that communicates your true marketplace strength.

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s branding and design services capture the essence of what makes manufacturers irreplaceable in their markets. We draw on our ability to present clients as leaders within the industries they serve. We shape your brand identity, logo, and market position with distinction and scalability. Through discussions that get to the heart of your capabilities and competitive advantage, we then help you present those differentiators with clear and impactful language and imagery.

Features of a Branding & Design Program

  • DVIRC’s exclusive work with manufacturers means that your brand identity and logo will reflect the complex challenges you face and the ways you overcome those challenges
  • Our design partners will create a distinct identity and logo to interpret your value proposition clearly and effectively
  • In parallel, our messaging experts will help tailor descriptions of your products and services as highly differentiated offerings for specific target markets, tying those descriptions to your overall brand perception
  • DVIRC’s fully integrated sales and marketing team can take your brand identity and logo from ideation to implementation and rollout, using the web, print, and other means as part of a proven, cost-effective process

Typical Components of a Branding & Design Program

While DVIRC customizes every program to meet the needs of each customer, most programs include:

  • Kickoff meeting to understand the brand positioning, and establish goals for the program
  • Brand questionnaire to understand your brand positioning and value proposition, and how you want to communicate your brand
  • Logo redesign
  • Identity toolkit, including all necessary versions of the logo, for use in print, web, and other applications. The toolkit also includes guidelines for usage of the brand.
  • Stationary package, including business cards, letterhead, and invoicing documents
  • PowerPoint presentations to support marketing and sales efforts
  • Creation of or updates to marketing and sales materials, including brochures, cut sheets, and sell sheets
  • Website update (see DVIRC’s web design and development information for details)

Benefits of a Branding & Design Program

  • A unified brand look and feel enhances customer recognition and brand recall
  • helps you stand out in a saturated market
  • makes it easier to introduce new products or services
  • enhances your company’s credibility
  • establishes a consistent look and feel across all channels
  • Leads to customer loyalty and shared values

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