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Distinguish and refine your company, products, and services in a crowded marketplace.

Small and midsized manufacturing (SMM) companies struggle to differentiate themselves in a sea of competition. Too many rely on price as an advantage in the absence of effective branding and positioning of their core competencies such as innovative products, unique manufacturing capabilities, or other means of delivering a distinct competitive advantage.

DVIRC’s branding and design services gather core competencies, visual marketing, and a study of value proposition elements to create a messaging and a graphic design package that communicates your true marketplace strength.

Branding & Design Benefits

Manufacturing Expertise
Stand out from the Crowd
Tailored Product Descriptions
Fully-Integrated Rollout

DVIRC’s exclusive work with manufacturers means that your brand identity and logo will reflect the complex challenges you face and the ways you overcome those challenges.

Our design partners will create a distinct identity and logo to interpret your value proposition clearly and effectively to helps you stand out in your market.

In parallel, our messaging experts will help tailor descriptions of your products and services as highly differentiated offerings for specific target markets, tying those descriptions to your overall brand perception.

DVIRC’s fully integrated sales and marketing team can take your brand identity and logo from ideation to implementation and rollout, using the web, print, and other means as part of a proven, cost-effective process.

Branding & Design Process

DVIRC customizes every program to meet the needs of each customer, but most programs include:

Kickoff meeting to understand the brand positioning, and establish goals for the program

Brand questionnaire to understand your brand positioning and value proposition, and how you want to communicate your brand

Logo design options are created for review and feedback. An iterative process is utilized to refine and revise to reach a final logo design.

Identity toolkit, including all necessary versions of the logo, for use in print, web, and other applications. The toolkit also includes guidelines for usage of the brand

Stationary package, including business cards, letterhead, and invoicing documents

PowerPoint presentations to support marketing and sales efforts

Creation of or updates to marketing and sales materials, including brochures, cut sheets, and sell sheets

Website update (see DVIRC’s web design and development information for details)

Client Testimonials

“Haskell has continued to experience consistent increases in sales over the five years we have worked with DVIRC. They created—and keep us on—a continuous growth trajectory with marketing and sales planning support, web development, inbound marketing, and sales lead generation. DVIRC’s marketing experts work with Haskell management and provide efficient resources to fortify the brand and fuel growth.”

Cristel Hutchinson

Vice President of Sales, Haskell Office

“I don’t know of any other organization that is staffed with people who know manufacturing the way DVIRC does—people who understand what is needed to make a product and to deliver value as a manufacturer. They’re a friend to manufacturing. They help manufacturers mitigate risk and move forward in terms of top- and bottom-line performance. We’re fortunate to have DVIRC on our side.”

Kip Anthony

President, EFE Labs

Success Stories

The EF Precision Group

The EF Precision Group

Develope a Strategic Marketing Roadmap

EFE Labs

EFE Labs

Sales and Marketing Partnership with DVIRC Results in Profitable Growth

Meet the Manufacturing Branding & Design Expert

Sagan Medvec - Co-Founder, Brand Llama

Sagan Medvec

Co-Founder, Brand Llama

Sagan Medvec, a DVIRC Strategic Partner since 2006, is a Co-Founder of Brand Llama (formerly Small Business Design Center (SBDC)), and is the Creative Director of the company. Sagan helped start Brand Llama because of his passion to help small businesses. Providing meaningful branding, marketing and interactive services and solutions for small businesses was the mission of the company. All in the name of their clients, Brand Llama works hard to product unique works that help businesses succeed.

Sylvia Wower - Vice President, Consulting and Advanced Technology Research

Sylvia Wower

Vice President, Consulting and Advanced Technology Research

Sylvia Wower is the Vice President of Research and Strategic Growth at DVIRC, where she manages the organization’s Business Growth Services and Advanced Technology Research Group. Considered an expert business strategist and leader in groundbreaking research to support the needs of the DoD, life science and commercial small to midsized manufacturing sector, Syliva and her team have delivered of 160,000 hours of successful project work across the MEP National Network and around the globe.

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