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DVIRC is a private not-for-profit economic development organization with a public purpose — support the profitable growth of small and mid-sized U.S. manufacturers (SMMs). DVIRC is part of a larger MEP Network made up of 59 Centers across the United Sates and PR.

The Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center’s (DVIRC) Advanced Technology Research Group has been supporting the interests of the National Institute of Standards & Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership Network, the Office of The Secretary of Defense and our defense intermediary partners to name a few.

DVIRC’s team of research, technology, engineering, process, and information systems experts have been relied on to draw complex technical landscapes and provide transition and integration roadmaps that feed into our nation’s homeland security and defense infrastructure, with a critical view towards Battlefield 2050.

Operating as agents of change, DVIRC’s advanced technology group offers the resources and expertise to support the transition from a project recommendation to stakeholder reality. For over 35 years, DVIRC has helped thousands of organizations with their successful transition and integration efforts.

Growth Practice

Sylvia Wower

Head of Practice
Sylvia Wower, VP Research & Growth
Head of Business Growth Services and Advanced Technology Research Group

Considered an expert business strategist and leader in groundbreaking research to support the needs of the DoD, life science and commercial small to midsized manufacturing sector, Sylvia and her team have delivered 160,000 hours of successful project work across the MEP National Network and around the globe.

  • MBA HR Management, University of Management & Banking
  • Said Business School, University of Oxford CEA
  • MBA Global Business Management, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Studied & Worked in 5 Countries around the World
  • Former Deutsche Venture Capital – VC  and M&A Investment Research
  • Former QVC Marketing Leader

Examples of Success

Commercial Sector Scanning

DVIRC has unmatched experience researching and analyzing potential markets, determining pertinent technologies, and understanding opportunities to transition and integrate emerging DON funded technologies into the commercial sectors. Some examples include:

  • Technology Viability Assessment (TVA) and Manufacturing Reediness Levels (MRL) for Department of Homeland Security
  • DOD – Technology Market Validation and commercialization pathway development and execution for Small and Mid-Size Manufacturers
  • Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate – Supplier Scouting for Emergence Service Sector Vehicles
  • Commercial Market Scouting – over 50 projects annually for NIST MEP clients
  • National Supply Chain database for Mission Critical Suppliers with access to over 250,000 decision makers from varied industry segments
  • OEM Supplier Scouting for EVs and High Voltage Industry Segments / Terrestrial Manufacturing for Space / Hypersonic Components & Structures

Government Sector Scanning

Since 2018 DVIRC has worked on over 50 projects that have evaluated strategies and campaigns to assist in the transition and integration of technologies into the Services, DoD laboratories, or other branches of the U.S. Government. Some Examples include:

  • Defense Heath Agency (DHA) – Business Case Analysis,
  • Defense Health Agency – Network Architecture Analysis
  • US Army – Supplier Scouting for Chemical Formulation, Equipment Scouting and Independent Government Costing
  • U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) POM Acquisition Process Mapping
  • US Airforce – 59W Ateam Process Mapping
  • Department of Homeland Security – MELD Learning Database System (LDS) Benchmark and Market Analysis
  • NAVSE –NAVSE – Integrated Solutions for Industrial Maintenance Management
  • US ARMY – Obsolescence and Modernization Analysis and System Integration

Success Stories

Examples of Market Research Projects and Technology Driven Market Intelligence and Market Scouting efforts:

U.S. Armed Services Supplier

U.S. Armed Services Supplier

DVIRC Provides Supplier Scouting for Novel DoD Medical Product

U.S. Armed Services Affiliate

U.S. Armed Services Affiliate

DVIRC Spearheads Department of Defense Research into 21st Century Maintenance Processes

U.S. Armed Services Affiliate

U.S. Armed Services Affiliate

DVIRC Research Team Develops Technology Landscape for DoD Material Management

Meet the Advanced Technology Research Group Experts

Lisa Mount

Lead Generation Manager

Lisa Mount is Lead Generation Manager in DVIRC’s Marketing & Sales practice. She supports daily management of DVIRC Lead Generation and Market Scouting programs, including training clients, managing leads, developing existing clients, and maintaining client relationships. She has been working with DVIRC for over 10 years. She is adept at selling across various industrial markets and has supported lead generation efforts for several Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs) across the country, representing and promoting their consulting services. To-date, she has assisted with over approximately 200 client projects.

Carly Loonstyn - Senior Research Analyst

Carly Loonstyn

Senior Research Analyst

Carly Loonstyn is Senior Research Analyst at DVIRC. She supports the Market Development department, including Market Research and Lead Generation, conducting primary and secondary market research to provide technical insights to DVIRC’s clients.

Jameson Kilburn - Project Coordinator and Business Growth Specialist

Jameson Kilburn

Project Coordinator and Business Growth Specialist

Jameson Kilburn is Project Coordinator and Business Growth Specialist for DVIRC’s Marketing & Sales practice. He is a product and service-based inside sales project lead, conducts primary market research for DVIRC’s clients, and coordinates the Lead Generation production calendar. He also serves as DVIRC’s Market Development technology development specialist and is the Salesforce and project administrator. He has been working with DVIRC for 3.5 years. Jameson focuses on Industrial machinery, Educational Markets, Packaging, Industrial Chemicals, and Consulting Services. He has assisted with approximately 45 client projects.

Sue Murray - Manufacturing Growth Specialist

Sue Murray

Manufacturing Growth Specialist

Sue Murray is a Manufacturing Growth Specialist in DVIRC’s Marketing & Sales practice. She leads DVIRC’s Lead Generation and Market Scouting programs, maintains client relationships, and serves as a sales support specialist, providing clients with support to generate sales leads or opportunities to become vendors for new customers. She has deep knowledge of market scouting and proven expertise in new products and markets. She has been working with DVIRC for 5 years.

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