Lead Generation

DVIRC’s proven lead generation process aligns your capabilities with market opportunities to drive measurable growth by generating qualified prospects.


Few business challenges compare to the urgency of maintaining a pipeline of sales opportunities. Without a steady flow of qualified prospects that match your capabilities and will be receptive to your sales message, no business can sustain itself for long. DVIRC takes a hands-on approach to understanding your strengths, identifying an ongoing list of prospects, and managing both the active outreach and the communication of leads to your sales team.

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC has successfully delivered lead generation services to more than 300 business across the region and around the country. Over the last decade we have developed and refined a process that begins with an assessment of your capabilities and messaging and includes in-depth secondary research into your current and prospective end-use markets. Next, we build and maintain a list of prospects, vetting them for applicability, conduct outreach, and nurture leads to take the legwork out of your lead development efforts.


  • Custom action plans are created to address competitive conditions, identify target markets, draft unique selling points, and structure DVIRC’s outreach.
  • DVIRC works as an extension of our your sales team, assigning 4 to 6 experienced lead generation professionals to work on your behalf to identify and call on roughly 60 prospects each month.
  • Unlimited access to a project dashboard, customer database, and project tools that are reviewed twice monthly to instill business development best practices.
  • Dollar-for-dollar, DVIRC’s Lead Generation program is the lowest cost, highest impact sales and marketing investment any business can make.

Transform your growth outlook and chart a new course for expansion.

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