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Your customers and prospects often understand your business in ways you cannot. DVIRC’s “Voice of Customer” service—a primary research effort comprised of conversations with current, former, and/or prospective customers—makes it possible to tap into this unique objectivity and awareness, enabling you to leverage strengths and address weaknesses you may not be aware of, improving topline growth and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Overview of Customer Satisfaction Research

The companies that make up your customer base, including past, present, and future buyers, hold invaluable insight into the ways you deliver value, the attributes that set you apart from your competitors, and areas for improvement. Our Voice of Customer research is a beneficial reality check, and an important part of any strategic planning process.  Whether informing a new-product development initiative, providing an indication of anticipated growth, or other specific data points, Voice of Customer is a direct line of sight to marketplace realities.

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s “Voice of Customer” research is a proven means of keeping your business on top of developing trends and shifting perceptions. Our experience specifically serving manufacturers enables us to uniquely understand the challenges you face. We aid in developing an insightful and relevant questionnaire and customer conversation guide to understand where you excel and where you may need to improve. This methodology—refined over thousands of hours of outreach—puts a proven structure around a series of insightful questions. The resulting answers help you understand how the marketplace views your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Over nearly a decade of providing Voice of Customer research to manufacturers around the country, DVIRC has successfully delivered several dozen projects for clients in a wide range of end-use industries. Together, these represent $10 million in financial impact.

Features of a Voice of Customer Research

  • Primary research-based outreach will gather the data that is most important to improving competitiveness, advancing strategic planning, and understanding market needs
  • Our team will create a custom questionnaire to guide customer discussions toward relevant topics
  • DVIRC manages and executes Voice of Customer projects from start to finish, and our proven process delivers results. With the exception of a few up-front calls and biweekly status updates, you are free to run your business while we conduct the outreach and analysis
  • In-house experts create insightful questionnaires and conduct all survey research, reporting, and analysis. You benefit from an expertly run process with next to no disruption to your regular work schedule

Typical Components of a Voice of Customer Analysis

DVIRC customizes every program to meet the needs of each customer, but most programs include:

  • Kickoff meeting to understand your business and establish goals for the program
  • Development of a phone- or email-based survey to define the information needed and guide the discussion with customers
  • Outreach calls with biweekly review sessions to discuss progress and make you aware of interim insight gained
  • Complete data analysis and presentation of final survey data, including our summary, analysis, and recommended next steps

Benefits of Customer Research

  • All Voice of Customer surveys include a lead-generation closing question to identify new sales opportunities
  • Generate awareness of customer satisfaction levels
  • Gain competitive intelligence
  • The potential for new product ideas identified by customer recommendations, and
  • Impartial feedback as to how the business is currently positioned—and perceived—in the marketplace

We can put our research expertise to work for you.

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