Manufacturing Councils

DVIRC’s Manufacturing Councils consist of over 100 industrial, manufacturing, and distribution executives from the Philadelphia region. We offer a confidential setting where leaders from non-competing firms share and learn about common challenges as well as best practice solutions to achieve profitable growth.

Manufacturing Council Overview

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top! DVIRC’s Manufacturing Councils provide a unique opportunity for business leaders from various industries to come together in a confidential setting to obtain a network of trusted business advisors, business development opportunities, and industry resources.

Our Manufacturing Councils can be particularly helpful to leaders of companies experiencing transition, such as those experiencing substantial growth, transferring responsibilities to future generations, newly appointed senior leaders, or executives new to the area. However, our networking groups can be invaluable for any company looking to grow, solve problems, take a leap forward, or successfully manage significant change.

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s Network Groups are the only groups in the Philadelphia region specifically dedicated to executives in the manufacturing and distribution industry. Every DVIRC employee is solely focused on the manufacturing sector, and our consulting clients and networking group members are just like you – wearing similar shoes and making similar decisions every day.

Manufacturing Council Group Details

Our groups meet monthly, and each meeting is led by a professional facilitator. Members help each other through business issues and opportunities, collaborate, benchmark, share best practices, and interact with others experiencing similar challenges and business issues. These groups open the door to strategic alliances and collaboration, and promote growth through fresh perspectives, avoiding costly mistakes, implementing growth plans, and much more.

Each meeting is hosted by a member and includes:

  • Educational speakers
  • Facility tours that highlight best practices
  • A case study featuring an issue or opportunity occurring in the host’s business
  • Best-practice sharing and discussions
  • Professional facilitation

Manufacturing Council Membership


  • Peer group of advisors – industrial businesses
    only (10-15 members per group)
  • Professional facilitation
  • 4 free seats to 1-day DVIRC workshops*
  • 10% off any DVIRC certification program
  • 12 case studies annually
  • 12 meetings annually
  • Access to social gatherings focused on the manufacturing & industrial community throughout the year
  • Buddy Lunch organization
  • Access to quick benchmarking
  • Free access to Annual Manufacturer’s Executives Conference
  • Free access to special events for Executive Network
    Group members (1-3 special events per year)

Attend a complimentary meeting and learn what your peers are doing to accelerate the growth of their companies.

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