Executive Coaching

Typically provided for the President, CEO, or senior executive, Executive Coaching is based on understanding the specific and unique situation of the client company, as well as the executive.


Sometimes even the most senior executives need a little support. Too often, an owner or senior leader is overwhelmed and “too close to the action” to manage at top performance levels. The owner may be a second-generation leader who spent his or her entire career in the family business.  And all too often, company leaders don’t have a trusted advisor to help them optimally manage their vital role in the business—to step back and work on themselves and the business, instead of just working in the business. DVIRC’s methodology will help any executive improve their ability to manage themselves and their people to achieve specific business objectives.

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s Senior Business Solutions Advisors have learned that one of the keys to success is developing a sound and thorough understanding of the business, articulating the goals of the business owner, and putting in place effective communication methods that enable management systems to be successful. DVIRC’s approach includes:

  • Understanding the specific goals and needs of the company
  • Understanding the unique skill sets of the executive
  • Assessing the skills and performance of the management team
  • Establishing clear lines of communication
  • Aligning all key initiatives  to the  company’s goals
  • Outlining a process to achieve those goals
  • Meeting with client on a regular basis to track progress and be an independent sounding board


  • Clarification of company vision/mission/goals
  • Creating an environment of individual and/or team accountability
  • Engagement of and alignment among the management team
  • Improved individual and company performance
  • Clearer line of sight to company goals and KPIs
  • A simple but productive operating system for the business
  • And most importantly, the client has a trusted advisor he/she can call on for counsel on any matter

Everyone can use a good coach, get started today.

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