Executive Coaching

Confidential advice from an unbiased outsider with decades of experience as a manufacturing leader with P&L responsibility. The program provides anyone in a managerial, leadership, or executive position with an experienced perspective on ideas and tools to help them perform at their highest level.

Overview of DVIRC Executive Coaching Services

At its core, Executive Coaching is designed to address specific challenges an individual is facing managing specific aspects of a project, department, individual or business.  It’s also appropriate as a professional development tool to support high-performing individuals as they acclimate to a new role or prepare for additional responsibilities.


Why Executive Coaching?

Sometimes even the most senior manager, director, or owner needs a little support. Too often, an individual is overwhelmed and “too close to the action” to manage at his or her top performance. The individual may be a second-generation owner who spent his or her entire career in the family business, or a tenured employee with little to no experience outside of the business.  Company managers and leaders often lack a trusted advisor to help them manage their vital role in the business. An executive coach brings an unbiased outside perspective to the specific challenges that an individual is facing, working through the core issue, and provides suggestions or alternative approaches to move a challenge forward. DVIRC’s expertise will help any leader improve their ability to manage themselves and their team to achieve specific business objectives.

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s Senior Business Solutions Advisors have learned that one of the keys to success is developing a thorough understanding of the business, the individuals, and the issues involved.  Key elements of DVIRC’s approach include:

  • The Individual: The first step is to understand the business leader’s unique skill sets, which is accomplished through a formal assessment tool and an initial consultation with the Business Solutions Advisor.
  • Alignment: A kick-off meeting is typically held to align both the individual and his or her manager to define the coaching opportunities.
  • The Issues: Understanding the overall business, and specifics of the issues at hand. We will clearly outline the issues, impact to the business, and define success for each topic.
  • The Process: The Business Solutions Advisor outlines a clear process to address each opportunity, providing suggestions and alternative approaches along the way.
  • Ongoing Support: Meet with the client on a regular basis to review agreed upon actions and track progress

Typical Coaching Topics

In the past 12 months, we have coached our clients on the following topics:

  • Setting expectations and correcting behaviors for a poor performing employee
  • Managing and communicating up, effectively adapting to your leader’s style
  • Effectively managing conflict between two employees
  • Creating/managing a development plan for a high-performing employee’s future promotion
  • Establishing alignment among the management or functional team
  • Effectively utilizing “best-practice” management tools to improve a team’s performance; Daily Management, Visual Management, or team/individual metrics (KPIs)
  • Time management

Benefits of Executive Leadership Coaching

  • Improved individual people-management skills
  • Engagement and alignment among the management team
  • Creating an environment of individual and/or team accountability

Everyone can use a good coach, get started today.

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