Supplier Scouting

DVIRC helps both industry and government agencies define, Identify, and qualify new suppliers, especially for the most critical products, components, and technology in even the most niche markets.

Finding the right supplier to deliver the right product at the right time can be a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. DVIRC’s Supplier Scouting research experts will team up with you to assess your requirements, and scout and qualify potential supply chain partners to find the best partner for your specific needs.

Supplier Scouting Process

DVIRC customizes every program to meet the needs of each customer, but most programs include:

Creation of a Project Charter, Work Plan and Formal Timeline

We will conduct a project kick off meeting to review the goals and objectives of this project and create a draft project charter, work plan, and timeline for review and approval.

Data Gathering & Analysis

DVIRC’s team will scout potential supply chain partners based on determined vendor criteria, scanning all relevant market landscapes to identify the highest-potential paths forward believed to best align with the client’s needs.

Stakeholder Interviews & Analysis

Based on the discoveries made in the second phase of this project, DVIRC’s research team will work with the client’s management team to design a survey instrument that would be used to vet up to 10 potential suppliers.

Project Findings Report and Recommended Next Steps

DVIRC will compile, provide, and present individual survey responses, comprehensive data analysis, research conclusions, and recommended next steps.

Client Testimonials

“It's matchmaking. Basically, it's using your resources, your network to find a company that meets certain criteria that we laid out. It would probably take us a year to find all the contacts that you guys were able to dig up over the course of a few weeks. The DVIRC team was able to do the front-end vetting process, so it wasn't just 'here are some companies to contact.' DVIRC reached out and did the initial vetting call, asked some questions, and captured the information. Then, even beyond that, there were some initial questions and some initial back and forth between the prospective company and DVIRC. So that just took all that front end leg work off our plate as a company.”

George Caruso

COO, Benjamin Opdyke

Success Stories

Virginia Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Virginia Manufacturing Extension Partnership

DVIRC Delivers Quick-Turn Supplier Scouting

U.S. Armed Services Supplier

U.S. Armed Services Supplier

DVIRC Provides Supplier Scouting for Novel DoD Medical Product

U.S. Armed Services Affiliate

U.S. Armed Services Affiliate

DVIRC Spearheads Department of Defense Research into 21st Century Maintenance Processes

Meet the Supplier Scouting Experts

Sylvia Wower - Vice President, Consulting and Advanced Technology Research

Sylvia Wower

Vice President, Consulting and Advanced Technology Research

Sylvia Wower is the Vice President of Research and Strategic Growth at DVIRC, where she manages the organization’s Business Growth Services and Advanced Technology Research Group. Considered an expert business strategist and leader in groundbreaking research to support the needs of the DoD, life science and commercial small to midsized manufacturing sector, Syliva and her team have delivered of 160,000 hours of successful project work across the MEP National Network and around the globe.

Lisa Mount

Lead Generation Manager

Lisa Mount is Lead Generation Manager in DVIRC’s Marketing & Sales practice. She supports daily management of DVIRC Lead Generation and Market Scouting programs, including training clients, managing leads, developing existing clients, and maintaining client relationships. She has been working with DVIRC for over 10 years. She is adept at selling across various industrial markets and has supported lead generation efforts for several Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs) across the country, representing and promoting their consulting services. To-date, she has assisted with over approximately 200 client projects.

Carly Loonstyn - Research Manager

Carly Loonstyn

Research Manager

Carly Loonstyn is Research Manager at DVIRC. She supports the Market Development department, including Market Research and Lead Generation, conducting primary and secondary market research to provide technical insights to DVIRC’s clients.

Jameson Kilburn - Project Coordinator and Business Growth Specialist

Jameson Kilburn

Project Coordinator and Business Growth Specialist

Jameson Kilburn is Project Coordinator and Business Growth Specialist for DVIRC’s Marketing & Sales practice. He is a product and service-based inside sales project lead, conducts primary market research for DVIRC’s clients, and coordinates the Lead Generation production calendar. He also serves as DVIRC’s Market Development technology development specialist and is the Salesforce and project administrator. He has been working with DVIRC for 3.5 years. Jameson focuses on Industrial machinery, Educational Markets, Packaging, Industrial Chemicals, and Consulting Services. He has assisted with approximately 45 client projects.

Sue Murray - Manufacturing Growth Specialist

Sue Murray

Manufacturing Growth Specialist

Sue Murray is a Manufacturing Growth Specialist in DVIRC’s Marketing & Sales practice. She leads DVIRC’s Lead Generation and Market Scouting programs, maintains client relationships, and serves as a sales support specialist, providing clients with support to generate sales leads or opportunities to become vendors for new customers. She has deep knowledge of market scouting and proven expertise in new products and markets. She has been working with DVIRC for 5 years.

Supplier Network Opportunities

Identify suppliers and connect with real, immediate, viable business opportunities.

DVIRC utilizes expertise and resources from NIST MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) to connect our manufacturers with resources, opportunities, and the supplies they need to succeed.

Contact our Business Growth experts for a complementary consultation.

We can put our research expertise to work for you.

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