Strategic Human Resources Networking Group

DVIRC’s Strategic Human Resources Networking Group is made up of HR leaders within the Philadelphia region’s Industrial, Manufacturing, and Distribution community.


The Strategic HR Group is made up of HR thought leaders throughout the Philadelphia region. Given the critical nature of today’s workforce, COVID-19 mitigation, employee attraction, retention, and organizational learning and development are some of the most important issues manufacturing leaders face. In response to this, DVIRC has created a network group to convene strategic HR leaders to address these, and other key issues.

The group provides a unique opportunity for HR leaders to network, learn, and share best practices with other HR leaders who work in manufacturing in the Delaware Valley.

Consider joining this group if you want to:

  • Strategize and share best practices about pertinent business issues with like-minded peers
  • Hear from guest speakers on a variety of educational topics related to strategic HR issues that industrial companies deal with daily
  • Access other HR professionals dealing with similar issues
  • Discuss COVID-19 mitigation and share best practices
  • Help others solve workforce issues in their businesses
  • Discover new ways to find talent
  • Gain access to workforce resources beyond your current methods
  • Have regular access to a Strategic HR consultant and facilitator for questions, advice, and ongoing coaching

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s Strategic HR Networking Group is the only manufacturing and industrial centric group devoted to HR in the Philadelphia region. DVIRC’s employees are solely focused on the manufacturing sector, and our consulting clients, Strategic HR Group members, as well as other Network Group members, are people just like you and need to make similar decisions every day.

Group Details

The group is facilitated by Susan McDonald, DVIRC strategic partner and Vice President Human Capital Consulting, Mid-Atlantic Regional Leader, CCI Consulting. Susan works with manufacturing companies to optimize their leadership and talent through training, leadership development, individual/team coaching, succession planning and organization development.

  • Best practice sharing and discussion
  • Professional facilitation by an experienced HR leader
  • A best-practice facility tour
  • A case study addressing an issue or opportunity the host’s business is facing


  • Peer group of 10-15 advisors – Industrial businesses only
  • Professional facilitation
  • 5 virtual 1.5-hour meetings
  • 3 in-person 3-hour meetings (Jan-June 2021)
  • Access to quick benchmarking
  • Free access to Annual Manufacturer’s Executives Conference
  • Free access to special events for Network Group members (1-3 special events per year)
  • One free seat over the course of one year (July 1-June 31) to any one-day workshop and 10% off of any certification course

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