Strategic Planning

Provide the structure to give your business a focused purpose and direction to achieve your business goals.

Strategic Planning is often overlooked and under-valued, and running your business doesn’t always leave time to plan for your business. Striving for growth or improvement without setting clearly defined goals can leave your business adrift and unfocused. Without that focus, every day will seem more challenging than the last. DVIRC is ready to help you get on track and move forward.

Average Strategic Planning Impact

infoAll companies that engage in projects with DVIRC are surveyed by NIST through the Fors Marsh Group, an independent research firm, to validate both the quantitative and qualitative impacts. These metrics are an average per engagement since 2018.
Increase in Sales
Increase in Sales
Retained Sales
Retained Sales
Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction
Investments Made Back Into the Business
Investments Back Into Business
New and Retained Jobs
New & Retained Jobs

Strategic Business Planning Process

We will work with you and your team to determine the challenges that stand in your way, and help you craft a plan that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Together, we will:

Clarify your Vision
SWOT Analysis
Identify Core Competencies
Goal Setting
Periodic Reporting

Develop a shared vision of the future and summarize it into key themes.

Understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business.

Outline the core competencies of your team, products, and operational capabilities.

Develop the “Vital Few” things to work on — the key goals for performance and improvements needed over the next 12 months and translate these “Vital Few” into S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable actionable, results-oriented, time-bound) goals.

Establish a periodic reporting and follow-up method that keeps those goals on track.

Business Strategy Benefits

Aligned Goals

Develop a clear vision with specific improvement goals that can be shared across the entire organization.

Identify KPIs

Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are tied to operational and financial performance.

Increase Company Buy-In

Gain greater level of buy-in and accountability from the management team that decreases the load on the president/owner.

Develop Your Company Culture

Develop a company culture that is aligned with your vision.

Measurable Growth

Achieve profitable growth that is measured and monitored.

Client Testimonials

“I don’t know of any other organization that is staffed with people who know manufacturing the way DVIRC does—people who understand what is needed to make a product and to deliver value as a manufacturer. They’re a friend to manufacturing. They help manufacturers mitigate risk and move forward in terms of top- and bottom-line performance. We’re fortunate to have DVIRC on our side.”

Kip Anthony

President, EFE Labs

“DVIRC offers such a diversity of services for different areas of the business. We benefitted from DVIRC in many different areas of our business, and the capability from DVIRC’s professional staff was outstanding.”

Bill Chesterson

Owner & CEO, Advent Design Corporation

Success Stories

Sentinel Process Systems

Strategy, Marketing, and Networking Services help Sentinel Process Systems Double Sales, Expand Company, and Save Costs

Advent Design Corporation

Advent Design Corporation

Strategic Planning Results in 500% Sales Increase and Dramatic Business Growth

Westinghouse Lighting

Westinghouse Lighting

Clarifying Core Competencies and Competitive Advantages

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