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Ellen Harvilla, Director, Human Resources & Training & Education

Ellen Harvilla is DVIRC’s Director of Human Resources and she is also the Manager of DVIRC’s Training & Education programs. Ellen helps to develop and deliver programs that support the organization’s strategic direction. Her responsibilities include developing and implementing policies and programs in the areas of employment, recruitment, training, staff development, compensation, benefits, and employee relations. In addition to working closely with other DVIRC team members to develop, deliver, and evaluate training curriculum, Ellen also manages DVIRC event planning, including public and private workshops and customized training.

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September 29, 2020 - November 17, 2020

Finance Basics (Virtual)

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October 8, 2020

Google Analytics (Virtual)

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“DVIRC has taught me and my entire team to speak a different language and see through different eyes.”
Rosa Melton
Continuous Improvement Leader, DC Fabricators, Inc.
“The Black Belt class is a great experience. You get to network with peers who are experienced and versed in the tools and skills and applications of them. It’s great to talk with other companies who are sharing similar problems and are applying tools in creative ways.”
Jonathan Parent
Manufacturing Engineer, DSM Biomedical
“Lean keeps employees involved in identifying areas for improvement. The DVIRC experience was very positive. Our consultant had a positive way of working with our people and making them feel comfortable.”
Ernie DeLany
Owner, Probes Unlimited
“The DVIRC program delivered! The material and presentations were excellent and the instructor added a great deal of value to the learning process. I was pleased with the whole program, and I would definitely recommend it to others in the future.”
Tim Morris
President, James Spring & Wire
“Our trainer was fantastic with a great knowledge base and a ton of experience. I like to think of each one of these classes as teaching you different tools to put in your toolbox over time. You really get to build your skill set and have a nice, robust set of tools you can apply in whatever situation you need.”
Jonathan Parent
Manufacturing Engineer, DSM Biomedical
“DVIRC has taught me and my entire team to speak a different language and see through different eyes. I can say unequivocally that this class has enabled me, same day, to come home from class and say "we can do this!" and really work on implementing things.”
Rosa Melton
Continuous Improvement Leader, DC Fabricators, Inc.
“This class was the best professional training I’ve had in years! The class has had a very positive effect on my job performance. Movement from one concept to another seemed naturally connected. I could not have asked for better!”
Sebastiano Felice
Technical Leader, AW609 Propulsion System, Leonardo Helicopters
“I really enjoyed the course and look forward to applying my learnings to improve our line efficiencies. I hope to be in touch in the future to discuss possible workshops at our site.  ”
Daniel Kucheruck
HDD Process Engineering Supervisor, Johnson Matthey
“Our forecasted return on investment for our Six Sigma Green Belt program is about $300,000 in annual savings.”
Nicholas Reasner
Production Coordinator, Leonardo Helicopters
“DVIRC has played a huge part in our success through advising, training, networking, and acting as a liaison to other resources to help us grow.”
Larry Ward
Chairman, Packaging Progressions, Inc.
“This class was beneficial in helping me step back and apply techniques on change management. We’ve gone through organizational changes at my company and being able to apply the techniques moving forward will be really helpful.”
Meredith Mandel
Manager Production-Art, Creative Services, Boathouse Sports
“Our group was faced with a daunting project of doubling output in our cabinet assembly department. At the time, we had a clear objective but didn’t have a plan or roadmap. Lean One Certification really gave us the starting point and learning tools we needed so we were able to use the classes to parallel our efforts and we continue to use the concepts to improve operations.”
Kevin McConlogue
Senior Director of Operations, Community Professional Loudspeakers
“Donna’s classes, with employee engagement, KPIs (key performance indicators), and people development have really enabled us to develop a workshop where our senior and middle managers are pushing up their sleeves and working with their direct supports to make things happen.”
Rosa Melton
Continuous Improvement Leader, DC Fabricators, Inc.
“Greene Tweed’s partnership with DVIRC has been a positive experience. We rely on their professional experience in Lean consulting and for the training and development of our employees.”
Ed Gardner
Quality and Lean Six Sigma Director, Greene Tweed
“Our leaders are the key to developing capacity plans as we grow. The Level One Certification teaches the basics of capacity planning and waste reduction. I highly recommend the DVIRC training programs.”
Joe Perillo
Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations and Lean Enterprise
PTR Baler & Compactor
“I was so impressed with Donna’s class on meeting facilitation that I immediately went back to my company and sent five people to her Leadership Development program. These are people who are in leadership positions and who are poised to be the future of our company.”
Rosa Melton
Continuous Improvement Leader, DC Fabricators, Inc.
“Green Belt training through DVIRC has aided us in taking a systematic approach to solving our problems. It made it easier to determine the effect of a project on our business. Our Green Belt project has helped the company save four times the investment of training in less than two months. ”
Bill Odor
Lean Coordinator, Penn Engineering

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