Business Operating System

Provide a structured and disciplined approach to managing and growing your business.

All profitable and growing businesses have one thing in common; the leadership team manages the business with structure and discipline. People clearly understand their roles, they manage week-to-week with processes that drive results, and they not only work “in their business,” they also work “on their business” to make their business stronger this year, than last.

DVIRC has developed a right-sized business operating system specifically for small and mid-sized manufacturers to address common leadership frustrations.

Common frustrations of leaders

  • Lack of personal accountability with some/many individuals; problems always flow to the top
  • Management team is not always on the same page
  • Individuals are working hard, but profits are in the low single-digits
  • Unresolved reoccurring issues
  • New initiatives are rarely sustained
  • Managers and supervisors rarely meet with direct reports
  • Unclear reporting lines
  • Stagnant growth

Business Operating System Approach

DVIRC takes a structured approach to work with the owner and their team:

Understand the Business
Implement a Basic Business Operating System
Ongoing Coaching/Advising

DVIRC will work with the management team to formally assess critical headwinds and opportunities in: Leadership, Customer Focus, Strategy, Operations, and Employee Engagement/Culture.

All successful businesses have a playbook that they use to effectively manage the business, and drive accountability and results. The three key elements of any Business Operating System are:

People - Do employees understand their role in the business? What is expected of them?
• Are they held accountable for results?
• Are there clear and well-documented job descriptions for each employee
• Is the management team having one-on-one meetings with their direct reports to effective coach and provide feedback?

Process - Do we use proven processes to run our business?
• Do we have Daily departmental stand-up huddles? Are we using simple but effective visual production and communication boards?
• Do we have Weekly or bi-weekly staff/production meetings measuring and driving results?
• Do we have a Monthly management reviews of the prior months performance using key metrics/KPIs to measure of effectiveness? Are we discussing actions to correct course?

Cadence - Do we stick to following the processes above?

As we work to implement both the Business Operating System, the DVIRC Business Solutions Advisor will work with you and your team as a trusted advisor to sustain the system and keep you and your team on track.

Benefits of a Business Operating System

Creating an environment of team accountability by aligning the management group

Clear line of sight to company goals and metrics

Improved individual and business performance leading to profitable growth

Building a stronger business year over year

Client Testimonials

“I don’t know of any other organization that is staffed with people who know manufacturing the way DVIRC does—people who understand what is needed to make a product and to deliver value as a manufacturer. They’re a friend to manufacturing. They help manufacturers mitigate risk and move forward in terms of top- and bottom-line performance. We’re fortunate to have DVIRC on our side.”

Kip Anthony

President, EFE Labs

“DVIRC offers such a diversity of services for different areas of the business. We benefitted from DVIRC in many different areas of our business, and the capability from DVIRC’s professional staff was outstanding.”

Bill Chesterson

Owner & CEO, Advent Design Corporation

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