Business Operating System

This program provides a structured and disciplined approach to managing and growing your business.  It provides proven methodologies delivered from a confidential advisor with real-life experience managing businesses.

Overview of Our Operating System For Business

All profitable and growing businesses have one thing in common; the leadership team manages the business with structure and discipline.  People clearly understand their roles, they manage week-to-week with processes that drive results, and they not only work “in their business” daily/weekly, they work “on their business” weekly/monthly, driving strategic initiatives to make their business stronger this year, than last.   Most large companies (i.e. Toyota, Danaher, Nike, Ford, etc.) employ a formal business operating system to manage their business, however an operating system is just as essential for small and mid-sized manufacturers. DVIRC has developed a right-sized business operating system specifically for small and midsized manufacturers to address common leadership frustrations.

Common frustrations of leaders

  • Lack of personal accountability with some/many individuals; problems always flow to the top
  • Management team is not always on the same page
  • Individuals are working hard, but profits are in the low single-digits
  • Unresolved reoccurring issues
  • New initiatives are rarely sustained
  • Managers and supervisors rarely meet with direct reports
  • Unclear reporting lines
  • Stagnant growth

The DVIRC Approach Towards Company Operating System

DVIRC’s Senior Business Solutions Advisors have worked in senior leadership roles at a variety of world-class Fortune 50 businesses and industries. They bring real-life experiences to you and your team. DVIRC’s advisors can work with you to right-size a business operating system to meet your company’s unique needs. The following approach can help jumpstart your business to drive both profits and growth.


The DVIRC Approach

DVIRC takes a structured four-step approach to working with the owner and his/her team:

  • Understand the Business – DVIRC will work with the management team to formally assess critical headwinds and opportunities in: Leadership, Customer Focus, Strategy, Operations, and Employee Engagement/Culture.
  • Implement a basic Business Operating System – All successful businesses have a playbook that they use to effectively manage the business, and drive accountability and results. The three key elements of any Business Operating System are:
    • People – Do employees understand their role in the business? What is expected of them? Are they held accountable for results?
      • Are there clear and well-documented job descriptions for each employee
      • Is the management team having one-on-one meetings with their direct reports to effective coach and provide feedback?
    • Process – Do we use proven processes to run our business?
      • Do we have Daily departmental stand-up huddles? Are we using simple but effective visual production and communication boards?
      • Do we have Weekly or bi-weekly staff/production meetings measuring and driving results?
      • Do we have a Monthly management reviews of the prior month’s performance using key metrics/KPIs to measure of effectiveness? Are we discussing actions to correct course?
    • Cadence – Do we stick to following the processes above?
  • Ongoing Coaching/Advising– As we work to implement both the Business Operating System, the DVIRC Business Solutions Advisor will work with you and your team as a trusted advisor to sustain the system and keep you and your team on track.

Benefits of Small and Mid-Sized Business Operating System

Our clients report the following types of benefits:

  • Creating an environment of team accountability by aligning the management group
  • Clear line of sight to company goals and metrics
  • Improved individual performance and accountability
  • Increased business performance leading to profitable growth
  • Building a stronger business year over year

Every company needs a system to manage their business weekly and monthly; how would you rate your system?  For an initial consultation, please contact us today!

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