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New and prospective supervisors face a long list of challenges and shifting expectations. Over the course of just a few weeks, DVIRC’s Supervisor Training program helps these individuals transition from the rank-and-file to become effective in their new roles.

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Supervisor Training Overview

Course Outcomes

During this training course, attendees will take part in sessions to discuss:

  • Understanding what to expect as a supervisor
  • Building confidence to become an effective front-line leader
  • Recognizing different leadership styles
  • Dealing with negative people
  • Providing coaching and feedback to unlock employee potential
  • Increasing the ability to provide instruction

Who Should Take This Course

This program is ideal for individuals who have recently been promoted to supervisory roles, or are being considered for such positions. It is also an excellent refresher for anyone who has been supervising people using the “school of hard knocks” approach and might benefit from learning a more structured, contemporary supervisory style.

Ways to Take This Course

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What You’ll Learn

Rosabeth Moss Canter (Harvard) described being a supervisor as one of the hardest jobs (another is CEO). Perhaps that is why it sometimes takes years for people to fully master all the roles and responsibilities of being an effective supervisor. Questions this session will answer include: What’s different about supervising people? How is this role different from other roles? What are different ways to supervise, and which approach is best?

Following up on the goals identified in Session 1, we focus on using effective feedback as both a performance management and motivation tool, with the goal of driving the desired behavior in our employees. Questions that this session will answer include: How do I correct employees without them getting defensive? What other feedback do I have to give them? What I can do to help motivate people to do their best work?

There are those people that can see the dark cloud behind every silver lining. If you work with one of these people (or are one), you may have noticed how much energy they can take out of a team. Questions that this session will answer include: How does my attitude impact my work team, and what can I do about it? What’s the impact of a negative attitude? What can I do to modify the negative attitude of someone else?

In addition to knowing the job, training others requires a special level of communication, and different people learn in different ways. This session focuses on understanding your trainee, and what s/he needs—then designing training to meet those needs most efficiently. Questions that this session will answer include: Why do some people who know how to do a job, not do a good job at teaching others? How do I make sure people are learning their job as quickly (and correctly) as possible? Why doesn’t the same approach work with everyone?

Why Supervisor Training?

It is not uncommon for individuals promoted from technical or other shop-floor roles into supervisory positions to struggle with the transition. The shift from being a standout technical performer to a great supervisor requires specific changes; these individuals must learn how to stop doing the work that earned them the promotion and start doing the work of a supervisor. DVIRC’s Supervisor Training is an excellent way to ease the transition.

The DVIRC Difference

This workshop is a foundational component of professional development and introduces many of the key skills supervisors need to master, including key strategies for motivating others.

This program also helps supervisors learn when and how to give productive feedback, as well as how to deliver and modify training to accommodate different learning styles to generate optimal results.

Benefits of Supervisor Training

  • Achieve clarity on the roles and responsibilities of a supervisory position
  • Recognize and meet the expectations that come with the supervisor title
  • Provide feedback that corrects problem behaviors in a supportive and encouraging way
  • Effectively address behaviors that get in the way of productivity and/or effective working relationships
  • Create training that efficiently brings new employees up to speed and helps to ensure that all employees learn effectively
  • Supervisors become more equipped to help their organizations improve culture and retain talent.

Meet Your Instructors

Vivienne Baxter - Senior Manager, Training & Organization Development

Vivienne Baxter

Senior Manager, Training & Organization Development

Viv Baxter is the Sr. Training Specialist at DVIRC. She is responsible for consulting and providing training, professional development, and employee engagement solutions. This involves needs assessments, developing on-site collaborative solutions and training, as well as conducting training and education courses held at DVIRC. Viv has extensive experience in Organization Development and in creating and executing Training and Development programs and interventions. She has more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing training and development arena in a wide array of industries.

Jannette Cano de Schenk - President & Head Consultant, CS Pathways, LLC

Jannette Cano de Schenk

President & Head Consultant, CS Pathways, LLC

Jannette Cano de Schenk is CS Pathway’s president and head consultant. Ms. Cano de Schenk is partnering with DVIRC to offer their clients organizational development programs to prepare their workforce for current challenges while maximizing their positive impact. Ms. Cano de Schenk brings multilingual abilities and multicultural experience in entrepreneurial leadership and executive management. She has worked on several domestic and global projects, elevating managers’ performance in diverse industries.

Hannah McGarry - Director, Workforce Engagement

Hannah McGarry

Director, Workforce Engagement

Hannah brings over 20 years of experience in the training and development industry and has spent the last 15 years cultivating workforce development focused on the trades and advanced manufacturing. In her last role, she served as the Director of Corporate Solutions Operations for the Community College of Philadelphia where she led the daily operations of the Workforce and Economic Innovation team.

George Milton - Founder, Targeted Performance Group

George Milton

Founder, Targeted Performance Group

George Milton has more than twenty years of experience in Leadership, Coaching, Change Management, Instructional Systems Design, Technical Training Design, and Effective Communications. He has diverse experience coaching senior executives, directors, and managers in a variety of organizations as they face various leadership, relationship, performance and communication challenges.

Featured Reviews from Supervisor Training Participants

“I was very satisfied with the classes and structure. The instructors are knowledgeable and bring personal experiences into the sessions for a greater understanding of the topic.”

5/5 Stars

Connie Bawal


“This class provided me with the tools to become a better leader.”

5/5 Stars

Roger Randall

Leonardo Helicopters

“DVIRC has provided some of the best instructional courses I have ever taken and I'm happy to actively promote them moving forward.”

5/5 Stars

Adam Beck

Senior Manufacturing Engineer and Supervisor, Milton Roy

“The course was very beneficial”

5/5 Stars

Christina Gehris


“Very informative and easy to listen to.”

5/5 Stars

Jose Luis Aviles Jr.

Philly Shipyard

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received up to 5 business days prior to class start date will not be charged the training fee, or will be refunded if payment has already been submitted. Cancellations 1-3 business days prior to class will be charged the training fee. As a courtesy, we will allow you to apply 50% of your payment towards a future training course within one year of the cancellation date. No refund will be provided for same-day cancellations and no-shows; customer is responsible for full payment without future training credit. Registrant substitutions may be made at any time. Cancellations must be submitted via email to or by phone at 215-552-3827.

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