Six Sigma

Our Six Sigma program features the region’s only team of Master Black Belts who work on-site to support and mentor clients from their initial project identification and selection to successful completion.


DVIRC’s Six Sigma consulting services, including on-site Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certifications, are intended for those who hope to further understand the roles that Continuous Improvement, waste reduction, and other Lean principles play within key business functions. Our instructors can bring the classroom to you in an easy-to-manage timeframe, according to your needs. The curriculum is based on a “learn and apply” approach, during which participants collaborate with our coaches to work on a real-world project at their company.

Six Sigma Green Belt
Through our Green Belt program, participants learn how to apply Six Sigma concepts and tools using the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) methodology. We take comprehensive steps to ensure that every Green Belt participant is able to function independently, requiring minimal Master Black Belt support. This is an important part of enabling graduates to deliver measurable value to their organizations.


Six Sigma Black Belt
DVIRC’s innovative Black Belt course is specifically developed for professionals and Certified Green Belt practitioners. Graduates learn to lead teams and support improvement projects that are essential to their company. Black Belt graduates understand how to analyze non-normal data and conduct Designs-of-Experiments to improve process control and reduce production costs. Many go on to become capable leaders of larger teams and serve as technical resources for their organization’s Green Belts. Participants who pass the comprehensive final exam, complete their project, and present their results are certified Black Belts.


The DVIRC Difference

Since 1994, DVIRC has used the learn-and-apply method to train thousands of individuals, generating millions of dollars in value-added impact along the way. Both Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt programs offer a dollar-for-dollar return on investment (ROI) guarantee for every completed project. These innovative and comprehensive programs include instruction, custom-designed activities and assignments, highly effective proven business simulations, and hands-on practice with numerous tools and techniques. Our Master Black Belt instructors work with participants until their projects provide a value-added impact equal to (or greater than) the program investment. We take comprehensive steps to ensure all Six Sigma students are trained to a level where they can function independently and require minimum Master Black Belt Support, creating an immediate, and annuity cost savings.


  • Green Belt projects typically net more than $50,000 of measurable benefit per project, while Black Belt projects often net more than $100,000 of benefit
  • One-on-one coaching ensures successful project completion
  • Reduced costs by minimizing scrap, rework, overtime, and overhead
  • Improved product quality by identifying the critical inputs that drive your desired outcomes (increased throughput, reduced cycle time, etc.), and then learning to control them
  • Reduced process lead times
  • Standardized way of approaching problems to reduce guesswork and improve problem-solving abilities
  • Reduce defects
  • Develop employees’ skills, promoting faster problem solving and creating more effective employees

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