Strategic Planning Groups

Join a group of companies that have completed and are in the process of executing a long-range plan to grow and increase the value of their business and increase the chance that your business will be what it should be, sooner.

Members of the Strategic Planning for Growth Network Group have a common focus on executing their growth strategy to achieve higher margins and greater profitability. The group enables strategically minded business leaders to come together, share their strategic initiatives, and receive feedback from like-minded executives focused on strategically running their businesses.

Average Strategic Planning Groups Impact

infoAll companies that engage in projects with DVIRC are surveyed by NIST through the Fors Marsh Group, an independent research firm, to validate both the quantitative and qualitative impacts. These metrics are an average per engagement since 2018.
Increase in Sales
Increase in Sales
Retained Sales
Retained Sales
Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction
Investments Made Back Into the Business
Investments Back Into Business
New and Retained Jobs
New & Retained Jobs


DVIRC’s Network Groups are the only manufacturing- and industrial-centric groups in the Greater Philadelphia region. This network group is specifically designed for forward thinking strategic leaders. One of the prime benefits of coming to DVIRC for networking support is that our organization and employees are solely focused on the manufacturing sector… and our clients and network group members are people just like you—focused on manufacturing excellence and facing similar challenges every day.

The group meets every two months, and each meeting features several members who share their strategic initiatives and update the group on how each of these key initiatives are progressing; they obtain feedback from the group to gain insight into best practice sharing and discussions.  The leader of the business will discuss in detail:

  • The specific strategic initiative for the year
  • Reasons for choosing the initiative
  • How success will be measured and specific action items
  • Initiatives going well and those not-so-well

Peer group of 10-15 advisors – Industrial Businesses only

  • Professional facilitation
  • 6 meetings per year, 2 specifically on your business
  • Access to quick benchmarking
  • Free access to Annual Manufacturer’s Executives Conference
  • Free access to special events for Network Group members (1-3 special events per year)
  • Discounted access to DVIRC’s Annual Manufacturing Summit

Attend a complimentary meeting and learn what your peers are doing to accelerate the growth of their companies.

What Our Members Say

“The members are all highly competent business people. They come to the table with ideas that may be 180 degrees from your own. It’s these different perspectives that make membership a valuable experience.”

Bob Cohen

President, Acme Corrugated Box Company

“DVIRC’s Strategic HR Group allows area HR Professionals a forum through which great information exchanges, learning, networking, and support happens. I am very pleased to be a part of the group and feel I benefit greatly being a part of it.”

David Riccio

Director, Human Resources, New Hudson Facades

“There is a camaraderie that exists between Forum members, and I have come to value each member’s opinions, experiences, and input. It’s a nice break from the ``daily grind`` we all have. It’s also nice to know that the're other executives who face the same challenges that I do and more importantly, that I have the Forum to engage in productive conversations about those struggles.”

Nicole Lutz

Vice President of Operations, Galaxy Wire & Cable, Inc.

“DVIRC offers such a diversity of services for different areas of the business. We benefitted from DVIRC in many different areas of our business, and the capability from DVIRC’s professional staff was outstanding.”

Bill Chesterson

Owner & CEO, Advent Design Corporation

“The quality of the network group members comes from their ability to deal with new situations and talk through ways to tackle them. You have the experience of these people, but also their experience in their own industries. During one of our sessions, I mentioned some energy-related issues and someone in the group had a connection for an energy-savings company. That helped us easily save $100,000 over the year. So the contacts benefit us greatly.”

Jean-Marc Desheraud

Plant Manager, Barry Callebaut

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