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Successful market research requires accurate, industry-based knowledge to enable companies to make informed decisions on how to drive business growth. To navigate the sometimes tumultuous marketplaces they serve, Southeastern Pennsylvania manufacturers turn to DVIRC’s Market Research experts to gather targeted data on customers, competitors, industries, markets, and trends.

Overview of Our Philadelphia Market Research Service

The underlying driver for any research engagement is a need to know. You need to understand the realities that exist in the marketplace, the true opinions your customers hold about your products, the technical opportunities that might exist to solve your persistent challenges, the markets that align with your capabilities and promise growth, the status of your competitors…the list of potential intelligence needs is long and varied in its complexity. Unfortunately, few resources bring expertise in all of these research areas under one roof. DVIRC has the expertise to help manufacturers of all industries and sizes tackle this challenge.

The DVIRC Market Research Experts Difference

DVIRC’s research is guaranteed to deliver clients Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Reliable, and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.) intelligence. We offer a proven means of weighing and assessing the obstacles that are restricting your growth in sales, profitability, and execution success. Our manufacturing and industrial expertise make DVIRC’s Market Research simply the best resource for your real-time business intelligence needs.

Benefits of Market Research Analysis

  • DVIRC’s Market Scouting service provides clients with insights related to market feasibility and revenue potential. This service blends competitive research, stakeholder interviews, and expert analysis to drive informed decisions.
  • Voice of Customer Research delivers the feedback businesses need to address the wants and needs their marketplace and make strategic changes to drive topline growth through primary research. It is the foundation of any strategic planning activity and one of the fastest ways businesses can make a return on their marketing dollars.
  • Competitive Benchmarking helps business leaders understand the overall degree of competition within an industry. It takes into account barriers to entry, intensity of competition, estimated market size, and the trends impacting an overall business cycle.

A Beginner’s Guide to Market Scouting eBook

A Beginner's Guide to Market Scouting Every business needs to grow. Whether you’re looking for new markets to replace faltering demand, or you’re considering new offerings that promise to let you reach beyond buyers that have always formed your customer base, the lure of new markets is strong. Market Scouting delivers a strategic way to study, analyze, test, and validate which markets hold the greatest promise before you invest time and money into a new endeavor – especially one that could redirect resources from your core operations.

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