Fabricated Metal Industry Landscape Report

Fabricated Metal Industry Landscape Report
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Supply Chain

How Smaller Manufacturers Can Develop Risk Management Strategies for their Supply Chains

As a smaller manufacturer, you continue to be more vulnerable to global supply chain disruptions than larger companies. Having to pay for more materials, parts or shipping is a difficult dynamic as you may not be able to absorb short-term losses or even a lower margin. But cost becomes less important if you can’t deliver a product, and as uncertainty has been magnified, it is now essential for you to manage risk in order to be responsive to customers. In this webinar, you will learn how to mitigate the business risks of today’s disruptions while building a more resilient supply chain.

2021 Greater Philadelphia Manufacturing Summit

Hear from one the nation’s top economists, learn about essential programs to enhance the region’s manufacturing workforce, uncover research and feedback from manufacturing leaders on workforce challenges and needs, discuss best practices to optimize your workforce, and so much more!

Identifying Cobot Applications

Today’s manufacturers face a variety of major challenges – including labor shortages, workplace injuries, and productivity targets, to name a few. Collaborative robots (cobots) can help overcome those challenges, but if you’re new to automation, getting up and running can be a daunting task.

Economic Guidance Through Turbulent Times

COVID-19 chaos + Election + Misinformation on the Economy = Uncertainty, hesitation, and lost profits. That is precisely where ITR can help. Brian Beaulieu, CEO of ITR Economics, will provide as much clear foresight as possible looking at the numbers and the trends. Tune out the hype. The only item on our agenda is your financial success.

SBIR Information Session: Learn About Funds Available to Develop and Grow Your Business

Are you interested in receiving funding to conduct Research & Development (R&D)? Retaining the rights to the intellectual property? Obtaining funding to continue developing a technology? Join DVIRC and partners Pat Woody Reeves and Mike Rolecki for a virtual information session to learn about funds available through the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) to develop and grow your business and support the critical technologies required for the defense of our nation.

Make Your Data Visible & Reap the Business Benefits

Operations can be a strategic advantage to any company that delivers goods.  Information – real-time, accurate, contextual information – can increase the value and contribution of any operation (manufacturing plant, pilot plant, etc).  In this harvest season, join DVIRC and strategic partner Automated Control Concepts, Inc. (ACC) for this webinar to discuss harvesting data to help manufacturing operations reap business benefits.

Cybersecurity for Manufacturers: Do Your Part. Be Cyber Smart.

Manufacturers are increasingly under threat from cyberattacks. In today’s increasingly connected world, a cybercriminal could shut down a plant’s operations or make equipment produce faulty products without your knowledge, and so much more. As more employees work from home due to COVID-19, cyber criminals are taking advantage of lax telework security practices.

How to Grow your Sales Pipeline through Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies

In today’s economic climate, and with COVID-19 causing businesses to operate virtually, manufacturing leaders need to be as resilient and creative as possible when reaching out to the market. Successful manufacturing companies utilize a mix of marketing tactics to generate awareness and ultimately drive sales. But how do you know which tools to use, and when?

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Build a Business Operating System for Sustained Success

Businesses that don’t have an operating system may often feel like they’re out of control: no one is on the same page, employees are all rowing in different directions, the same problems keep popping back up, and there’s inefficiency everywhere – and accountability nowhere. If you’re struggling to get your business under control, you may want to think about a Business Operating System.

Planning Through Turmoil and into the Next Rising Trend

Never has it been more critical for company leaders and key decision makers to have a clear, impartial, and data-driven perspective. In this webinar, ITR Economics will help you determine the best course of action for the most important part of the economy – you and your business.

COVID-19 – IT Security and Efficiency While Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to work from home. Do your employees have remote access to your network and the files they need? Can they work effectively? Do these new work-from-home endpoints increase your cybersecurity risks? Join us for a webinar on how to improve your remote employees’ functionality and security during the COVID-19 crisis.

Coronavirus Employment Law Update for Manufacturers

During the coronavirus pandemic, it seems that the rules for employers are changing every day as federal, state, and local lawmakers issue new regulations and requirements. Cohen Seglias attorney Jonathan Landesman will review information that every manufacturer needs to know during this crisis.

Business Continuity During COVID-19

DVIRC has developed a webinar series to help small and mid-sized manufacturers endure this current crisis and keep your business running smoothly. Join us for an overview of business issues you should be considering to keep your company healthy.

Make Your Website a 24-7 Salesperson

Learn how to make your website your best salesperson. Sagan Medvec, Co-Founder of Brand Llama and DVIRC strategic partner, will share best practices on how to leverage your website, combined with digital marketing tactics, to keep customers on the right journey.

How to Plan a Successful Exit Strategy

Transitioning your business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Yet despite its importance, succession is almost always started too late, under-planned, and poorly executed. Join DVIRC for a webinar to learn how to plan a successful exit strategy.

How to Recruit Talent for Your Key Positions

Join us for a webinar featuring DVIRC’s strategic partner, Jim Geier, President & CEO of Human Capital Consulting (HCC) Partners, to learn how to recruit the right talent for key positions in your company.

Is it Time for my Company to get Real ERP Software?

Learn the scope of ERP software and evaluate when your company should invest in the benefits that ERP software offers. DVIRC’s Harry Landsburg will present a profile of small to medium-sized manufacturing companies that justifies why an ERP software investment should be made.

Sylvia Wower

How Market Research Can Help You Generate Sales Growth

Learn how to leverage market insights to think more strategically and make smarter, more informed decisions to grow your business. Our manufacturing and industrial expertise make DVIRC’s market research the best resource for your real-time business intelligence needs.


Strategic Steps to Improve Your People, Products, and Processes

The whirlwind of running a small or mid-sized business doesn’t always leave time for strategizing. Join DVIRC’s growth experts for a webinar to learn how our Growth Readiness Assessment can help you prioritize and pursue various strategic initiatives to increase your topline, pursue organizational change, enter into a new market or industry, and more.

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