Many organizations embark on Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives and expect the most stubborn and complex business challenges to be resolved. Unfortunately, 60% of those initiatives fail within the first year. Most people abandon Lean Six Sigma efforts because of their inability to sustain the efforts. Further, they get caught up in pursuing short-term CI fixes, which don’t resolve wider business issues.

Join DVIRC for a webinar to learn how to develop a structure within your business to support successful CI efforts. Learn how, under the tutelage of DVIRC’s strategic partner, J.R. McGee, DVIRC clients have had a 74% rate of sustaining CI efforts for 1 year or more.


This webinar will cover:

  • Root causes for why most CI efforts fail
  • Necessary tools to develop a sustainable CI plan
  • Steps to develop a structure that will support successful CI efforts
  • Examples of how manufacturers have effectively developed and executed sustainable CI efforts, which led to substantial business improvements