Find the Right Candidate for Your CEO, Lead Engineer, and Everything in Between

Are you relying on Indeed and LinkedIn to recruit for key positions in your company? There could be a more effective way! With today’s low unemployment rate of 3.2%, a positive economic outlook, and tight competition for talent, identifying and recruiting talent for your key positions is more important than ever. Additionally, research shows that employee turnover by hiring the wrong person costs manufacturers hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars annually.*

Join us for a webinar featuring DVIRC’s strategic partner, Jim Geier, President & CEO of Human Capital Consulting (HCC) Partners, to learn how to recruit the right talent for key positions in your company.


This webinar will cover:

  • Steps involved in a successful recruiting process
  • How to select the right candidate (including the importance of job descriptions, market analyses, and your differentiators)
  • The pros and cons of using a recruiter versus doing it yourself
  • When and why you should use a recruiter
  • Examples of how manufacturing leaders have effectively used retained search to fill their key positions, and why


*Tooling U-SME, The True Cost of Turnover: Hidden Cost Go Beyond Financial to Impact Productivity and Culture