In today’s economic climate, and with COVID-19 causing businesses to operate virtually, manufacturing leaders need to be as resilient and creative as possible when reaching out to the market. Successful manufacturing companies utilize a mix of marketing tactics to generate awareness and ultimately drive sales. But how do you know which tools to use, and when?

This webinar will help you understand how you can use both inbound and outbound marketing strategies to help grow your customer base. From your brand identity and target markets, to your website and online advertising, learn how to use the best marketing tools to generate leads.


  • Chris Scafario, Vice President, Consulting Operations, DVIRC
  • Cristel Hutchinson, Vice President of Sales, Haskell Education
  • Sagan Medvec, Co-Founder, Brand Llama and DVIRC Strategic Partner


This webinar will highlight the details behind a journey of double digit, year over year growth, that Haskell Education has experienced since its partnership with DVIRC. Participants will gain insights into:

  • Essential components of a meaningful brand strategy
  • Tactics to do more with less and outperform much larger rivals
  • Digital Marketing tools that drive engagement, increase customer education, and drive deeper conversations with prospects
  • Ways to leverage your website to help replace trade shows and in-person meetings
  • SEO tools drive potential customers to your website
  • Approaches to online advertising, email marketing, LinkedIn campaigns, and direct mail opportunities to bring potential customers to your business
  • Ways to keep the sales channel active and engaged with leads from your website