All small business owners want to grow their company—but many are unsure where to begin. By anticipating the evolving nature of the market, effective market research is your best tool for any type of business expansion and growth.

Join DVIRC for this webinar to learn how to leverage market insights to think more strategically and make smarter, more informed decisions to grow your business. Our manufacturing and industrial expertise make DVIRC’s market research the best resource for your real-time business intelligence needs.


In this webinar learn how

  • DVIRC’s market research services can enable business leaders to make better informed decisions to identify opportunities for growth
  • To identify new prospects in your best markets to increase market share
  • Conduct Voice of Customer research to learn how to increase share-of-wallet with existing customers
  • Examples of how manufacturers have effectively leveraged tools such as competitive research, stakeholder interviews, and expert analysis to create and ultimately execute a plan to support profitable growth


“The Voice of Customer study that DVIRC delivered was a profound, fundamental stepping stone in terms of how we will brand, market, and ultimately grow the business. It identified the things we do well—in addition to what we need to improve—based on actual feedback from customers.” – JM Hasson, President, HPT Pharma