OSHA audits are nothing new, but OSHA has been ramping up its targeted inspection programs that could dramatically affect manufacturing leaders. Under OSHA’s National Emphasis Programs (NEPs), and region-wide Local Emphasis Programs (LEPs), your workplace could unknowingly be a target for an inspection. Without an understanding of these programs and their applicability in your industry, your workplace could be the recipient of a visit from an uninvited guest: an OSHA Compliance Officer!

Having a practical understanding of these targeted inspection programs will empower Health & Safety Professionals, Facility Managers, HR Managers, and Owners to take positive steps to be prepared in the event of an OSHA audit, to enhance workplace Health & Safety, and to reduce regulatory non-compliance risk.

Join DVIRC for a webinar with DVIRC’s strategic partner, Erin Rymsa of Compliance Management International (CMI), for an overview of the different types of targeted inspection programs, and how to reduce your exposure to OSHA violations.


This webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the current targeted inspection programs and their applicability to your workplace
  • Inspection priorities and gauging your likelihood of inspection
  • Strategies for reducing your exposure to an OSHA inspection and being prepared for an unexpected visit
  • A summary of upcoming regulatory changes on the horizon