Is your current software not functioning the way your business truly needs it to? Is your company experiencing redundancy in recording transactions? Are those redundancies leading to inaccuracies and inefficiency? Get the background you need to make solid decisions about ERP software to improve your business. By recognizing your shortcomings, understanding comprehensive ERP functionality, and appreciating the effort required to select and implement ERP software, you can decide if moving forward with ERP software is wise for your company.

Join DVIRC for a webinar to learn the scope of ERP software and evaluate when your company should invest in the benefits that ERP software offers. DVIRC’s Harry Landsburg will present a profile of small to medium-sized manufacturing companies that justifies why an ERP software investment should be made.


In this webinar discuss and learn:

  • Challenges manufacturers face from their current business practices and solutions
  • The comprehensive scope of ERP software functionality from CRM to cash
  • The effort required to successfully select and implement an ERP solution
  • The basis for justifying the decision to move forward with ERP software
  • Real-world examples of good and bad client experiences selecting ERP software


“The biggest value delivered by DVIRC was experience. Harry Landsburg has been through this hundreds of times. He knew the pitfalls we might encounter, what would be hard and what would be easy. He made the whole process go much quicker than we anticipated.”
Jeff Harvey, Director of Information Services, Edmund Optics, Inc