Market Research

Successful market development relies on current, industry-based knowledge.

In order to navigate the sometimes tumultuous marketplaces they serve, manufacturers in Southeastern Pennsylvania turn to DVIRC for targeted Market Research services; Voice of Customer and Market Analysis.

DVIRC takes a common-sense approach to Market Research by not only helping clients understand their current markets, but also analyzing prospective industries and preparing plans and implementation programs intended to promote success. Our Market Research services are Southeastern Pennsylvania’s resource for: competitive trend analysis; structured market opportunity examination and validation; competitive market force assessment to support business growth planning. Whether it is an integrated element within a larger strategic plan or a standalone effort, our Market Research uses powerful tools to optimize project benefits and impact. Every day, Southeastern Pennsylvania manufacturers partner with DVIRC to integrate our unique process into their strategic planning tool kits.

DVIRC Advantage

The approach was terrific, the data and feedback were very insightful. The Voice of Customer study that DVIRC delivered was a profound, fundamental stepping stone in terms of how we will brand, market, and ultimately grow the business. It identified the things we do well—in addition to what we need to improve—based on actual feedback from customers. It was an honest look at our performance from our customers’ perspective. As for prospect-specific information, we learned more about our brand perception in the marketplace and found an area of weakness among competitors.”

JM Hasson
HPT Pharma