Lean Transformation

Both large and small manufacturers in the U.S. are making a transition to Lean as a way to increase productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of DVIRC’s all-encompassing approach to Lean Transformation:

  • Leadership commitment and support
  • Creating a more competitive workforce by training Leaders and Champions at all levels
  • Positive Company Culture – empowering and supporting employees to add to customer value creation – resulting in a high level of satisfaction for workers, suppliers and clients
  • Process Improvement Training – each level of the organization is taught and given continuous improvement tools to allow for the production and sustaining of ongoing value
  • Investment in People and Process Improvement leads to Proven Return-on-Investment

The Lean Transformation Process

The Lean Transformation process championed by DVIRC provides a company with more than just tools to improve operations and processes. It involves a passion that focuses on generating and sustaining value for any organization. The content experts at DVIRC assist leaders in the sector with adopting and deploying Lean Manufacturing Principles. Lean Transformation is a Strategy for Growth that is supported by DVIRC in critical areas to ensure that the refined process generates an ongoing return on an investment through Lean Methodology.

  1. The DVIRC works with leaders of firms of all sizes in the development of a Lean Process, as the collaboration leads to the creation of the “best” approach for an organization’s continuous improvement effort
  2. We offer customized on-site training solutions to meet the specific needs for any business, ranging from small shops to global manufacturing operations
  3. The DVIRC offers Lean Certification training – a pragmatic “hit the ground running” hands-on approach is offered through the Institute for World-Class Manufacturing to provide people with the skills, tools and knowledge necessary for identifying and creating value for an enterprise.

Lean Transformation is comprised of:

“Technical” skills / systems:
Root Cause Analysis
Value Stream Mapping
5S Workplace Organization
A3 Management
Kaizen Methodology
Mind Mapping
Total Productive Maintenance
Set-up Reduction
Cellular Manufacturing

“Social” interpersonal skills / systems:
High Performance Teaming
Change Management
Conflict Resolution
Leadership Training
Performance Management

To learn more about how we can help get your business started or keep you on track during your Lean Journey, call 215-464-8550 or send email to info@dvirc.org.

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Profiles of a Lean Transformation – Peter Rapp, Thomas Medical Inc.

Manufacturing Leadership Series, Holiday Networking Breakfast – Profiles of a Lean Transformation presented by DVIRC. Peter Rapp, Vice President of Operations, Thomas Medical Inc. a GE Healthcare Company

If you’re interested in implementing Lean, go spend time and benchmark companies who are doing it. If you really believe, get your leadership team on board. Lean must be a strategic initiative.”

Spencer Hoos
President & CEO
ESCO – Zodiac Aerospace