Plant Layout

The Right Plant Layout Leads To Enhanced Productivity.

The DVIRC Continuous Improvement Team Can Show Any Manufacturing Operation How To Achieve Maximum Productivity.

What is Plant Layout?

Plant Layout encompasses the key principles of Lean Manufacturing, Flow and Cellular. DVIRC works with firms to develop an ideal plant and takes the factory design into account during the planning process. The organization plan will link associated operations and equipment to limit the handling of materials and to expedite the transformation process for the manufactured product. The Continuous Improvement Team will assess product flow, part commonality/similarity and machine utilization parameters.

The final plant layout is provided in several formats to allow for greater dissemination of the new design.

Achieving the Ideal Plant through a Well-Defined Process

The DVIRC team has extensive experience in developing World-Class Best Practices for Lean Manufacturing operations. The team is comprised of professionals from diverse backgrounds in manufacturing and Lean systems and they will work with an organization throughout the facilities planning process.

Determining the facility layout:

  • First, we develop an AS-IS layout of the current building space, equipment footprints and material locations
  • Then we will develop all equipment footprints with working space and access requirements
  • Next, we will transpose the data gathered into our computer system to create a scaled layout
  • Next, we link all operations with the associated equipment
  • Then we develop an ‘ideal’ layout that encompasses room for future growth
  • A review process will follow, as the ‘ideal’ layout will be determined with a team and fit to the building space (new or old). This is usually the result of several meetings and iterations until the entire team is comfortable with the flow and linking of all processes
  • Finally, we complete the electronic file and hard copy to enable you to implement the new layout

Plant Redesign using Lean techniques results in a dramatic reduction in the overall handling of materials, and provides an operation with improved space and linked areas, assures proper flow and gives you the most efficient use of floor space.

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