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DVIRC Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with On-site Coaching and Project Support features the region’s only team of Master Black Belts that work on-site to support and mentor clients from their initial project identification and selection straight through to successful completion.

We take comprehensive steps to ensure every Green Belt is trained to a level where they can function independently and require minimum Master Black Belt Support, creating an immediate, annuity cost savings. Our last graduating class of Green Belts realized $3.4 million in value added impact gained from greater performance, productivity throughput and quality improvements.

No other Green Belt program can compare! DVIRC’s infusion of Lean basics with a hands-on, learn-and-do curriculum is designed around client business issues and is fully supported with software that will support projects with the statistical tools needed to improve quality.

Completion of this unique, application-centric certification process will enable participants to use and learn the DMAIC methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) that address specific operational challenges within your organization, enabling improvement and control of constraining or unreliable processes to reduce cost, save time, increase customer satisfaction, and grow sales.

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Learn the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) strategy for developing and achieving better, faster, and lower cost products and processes.

The intended audience is anyone who desires to become a practitioner of the Six Sigma methodology and tool set and who will be leading Six Sigma projects within an organization. They learn how to handle non-normal data analysis and Design-of-Experiments for advanced process control. Black Belts have more statistical tools available to them to make more in-depth analysis of data. They can lead larger teams and be a technical resource for Green Belts in the organization. Coursework consists of 11 days of classroom training after Green Belt Training with a mix of lecture and hands-on simulations to reinforce the learning. Classes are held 2 days at a time every 3 weeks to reduce time out of the office.

The training makes use of many in-class examples, simulations, and hands-on exercises with a variety of processes to ensure that participants have a practical, working knowledge of the tools. As a part of the course, it is expected that participants come with a project to work on so that they can immediately apply their knowledge and realize return on investment on a specific business issue.

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September 17, 2019