Harry F. Landsburg

In his position as Director, Business Process Technology Consulting, Harry works closely with companies in two areas of operating improvement. He directs companies who are interested in improving how they use software technology to best support their current and future business processes.

Harry has also worked with approximately 100 companies to ensure that their costing and the information they use to quote new products or jobs provides the best possible profitability.

Since joining the DVIRC in 1992, Harry has worked with over three hundred companies to document how their business processes from “quote to cash” will best be supported by upgraded or new software. His approach to relating the way his clients operate to the technology marketplace results in a better selection and implementation outcome.

Recognizing that most companies do not really know their costs of manufacturing and overhead, Harry has been providing a service called Costing for Competitiveness. This study enhances a company’s understanding of their costing structure and its best application to quoting new business. Harry also performs detailed financial analyses of company operations and develops financial forecasts to help companies grow and manage their businesses. His expertise includes Activity Based Costing and Lean Accounting principles and practices.

Harry holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from the University of Delaware. He is a non-practicing CPA and a member of the Pennsylvania and American Institutes of Certified Public Accountants. He is a Certified Lead Internal Auditor for the DVIRC’s ISO 9001:2008 quality system and is certified to lead value stream mapping and business process mapping sessions as part of lean transformations at DVIRC client companies.

Significant Accomplishments

  • Developed a widely acknowledged “best practice” for helping clients interface with multiple software vendors, technology capability, and needs for functionality to best support their current and planned business processes.
  • Instructed numerous clients in how to quote competitively and profitably when faced with marketplace competition and potential customers who want low price and value.
  • Provides comprehensive financial forecast information to support business plans, as well as manage company operating performance.

Industry Experience

  • Metalworking
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Electronics
  • Chemical
  • Printing
  • Case Goods & Retail Display
  • Injection Molding/Extrusion
  • Aluminum Casing
  • Aerospace
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Job Shops/Make-to-Order