ERP Software Selection

DVIRC’s experts provide a proven process to help companies define how ERP software and technology will add value and determine the best solution for what your company needs.

ERP Software Selection Overview

Software selection projects fail from the start when functional needs and value proposition have not been defined. Without a structure to review multiple solutions, there is no basis for deciding which option will be best based on a salesperson’s promises. If the project team can’t accurately decide why to choose one solution over another, either no decision or the wrong decision can be made. A lot of time will have been wasted and the shortcomings of the current solution will continue to hinder productivity and achieving company goals. DVIRC’s experts will help you select software and technology that will support planned growth and add significant business

The DVIRC ERP Selection Criteria Difference

DVIRC is an experienced, trusted advisor to companies trying to differentiate software alternatives. Our experts have over 25 years of solution-independent experience evaluating over 400 area manufacturers’ business processes and technology opportunities. We are highly skilled in making sure that our clients have identified how software and technology will add value to their business and then guide them to determining the best solution. Our clients ultimately make sound software and technology decisions as we guide them through a well-structured evaluation and selection process.

Benefits of DVIRC ERP Software Selection

DVIRC clients gain confidence in the evaluation and selection process because they know DVIRC will advocate for their desired outcome throughout the project. We know the small to mid-market ERP software and technology marketplace and how our clients can gain process improvement and competitive advantage with the right solution. Clients successfully implement their preferred solution because they clearly defined what was needed and learned how well new software will work for them. We emphasize the need for due diligence beyond sales representations and support our clients with money saving contract negotiation strategies.

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