Introduction to GenAI

Exploring Opportunities and Applications in Manufacturing & Business Operations

Generative AI (GenAI) is revolutionizing manufacturing, much like how electricity transformed industries in the early 20th century. Using this advanced technology is like having a super-smart helper who can understand what you need and take care of tasks for you. With GenAI, manufacturers can work smarter, not harder, making processes smoother and more efficient.

As with any new technology, responsible adoption requires a gradual approach – starting small to understand its potential and risks. This workshop is the first in a series designed to build a practical understanding of GenAI through hands-on experiences tailored to the manufacturing industry.

The training will take place over 2 half-day sessions and will include hands-on activities to reinforce the participants’ learning.

Session 1: June 14, 2024 | 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM ET

  • Understanding AI Chatbots: Explore tools like ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, Perplexity, and Copilot. Learn essential prompting techniques to improve AI interactions.
  • Effective Communication Creation: Generate critical documents, such as policies, procedures, and customer communications.
  • Enhancing Customer Engagement: Analyze call transcripts, surveys, and social data to improve sales and support tactics.
    Streamlining Administrative Tasks: Convert meeting notes into polished proposals and automate routine data management tasks, including spreadsheet cleanup and bank reconciliations.
  • Security: Discuss potential security risks and learn best practices for responsible GenAI usage.

Session 2: June 28, 2024 | 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM ET

  • Developing AI-Enhanced Customer Support: Learn how to build a prototype customer chatbot integrated with your business knowledge base.
  • Introduction to GenAI Visual Assessment: Apply GenAI vision technology to examine physical equipment, product schematics, and architectural drawings.
  • Workflow Automation: Get introduced to third-party automation tools to create AI-enhanced workflows.
  • Creative and Rapid Prototyping with AI: Use GenAI image creation to swiftly prototype new product ideas, enhance marketing materials, and generate innovative content.
  • Action Planning: Develop a personalized action plan for introducing or enhancing GenAI solutions in your business operations. This plan will address potential challenges, identify necessary resources, and set realistic implementation goals.

This program also includes 1 hour of virtual coaching after session 2 to further support your understanding and application of GenAI concepts.

Who Should Attend
This workshop is tailored for managers and staff in manufacturing, quality, engineering, operations, and business functions who want to gain a basic understanding of GenAI and its potential applications in their industries.

Training Format
In-Person Training: Highly Interactive session with demonstrations and hands-on activities.

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction to GenAI concepts and its key capabilities
  • Prompt engineering for effective GenAI interactions
  • Overview of text content creation and data analysis with GenAI
  • Introduction to computer vision and image generation with GenAI
  • Examples of GenAI workflow applications in manufacturing and business operations


Dan Hughes

Co-Founder, ClariteeAI

Dan Hughes is a technology professional and co-founder of ClariteeAI, where he helps businesses understand and leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to improve operations & performance. Dan has guided organizations across various industries through major technological shifts, from early ERP system adoption to the latest in data engineering and analytics. He now focuses on helping clients harness GenAI through education, prototyping, and adoption.

Introduction to GenAI

Start Date

June 14, 2024

End Date

June 28, 2024


2 Half-Day Sessions


10:00 AM - 2:30 PM ET


DVIRC 2905 Southampton Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19154


$495 per person

Lunch will be provided

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