Building a Lead Generation System

DVIRC has built a successful, proven approach for identifying, contacting, and converting raw lists of prospects into qualified leads. Join us for a fast-paced lesson on putting these strategies to work to generate leads for your company.

Lead Generation Training Course Overview

Before the traditional sales and marketing functions can play their part, a business must build a pipeline of applicable prospects. Ideally, this pool of sales targets is a renewable resource, a well of opportunity they can return to again and again in order to grow sales. DVIRC’s Lead Generation training will introduce the steps needed to find, approach, and qualify prospects in targeted industries and locations.

The DVIRC Difference

This one-day workshop is designed to help companies build and maintain a successful outbound sales and marketing program. Attendees will learn how to use a proven system and mirror successful steps that have been put into practice by more than 300 DVIRC customers.

Our proprietary process has been developed and perfected over the course of nearly a decade. Today, our team has a repeatable methodology for generating results in the form of leads, market intelligence, and targeted introductions to companies that are in search of your primary products and services.

The process is simple and scalable, and through this course we will introduce you to the key elements needed to build a list of potential prospects, narrow that list to the most promising targets, and initiate calls to appropriate decision makers. The course will also address strategies to create outreach materials that highlight your strengths in order to open doors and optimize response rates.

What You'll Learn in this Lead Generation Program

This course will share proven strategies and tactics for generating new leads, including:

  • The basics of goal setting
  • SWOT analysis
  • Core competency audit
  • Campaign planning
  • Value proposition development
  • Creating the perfect pitch
  • Target market segmentation
  • List development
  • Active outreach
  • Lead management
  • Managing KPIs

Benefits of The Lead Generation Course

Following completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Set a foundation for effective sales and marketing efforts
  • Develop a proven, manageable process that can scale to any size business
  • Create consistent strategies for targeting new prospects
  • Set a path to experience dramatic sales increases

Who Should Take This Lead Generation Training

The lead generation program is for business owners, executives, and any leaders tasked with growing sales for their business.

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