Standard Work

Ideal for any business looking to improve productivity, quality, safety, faster delivery, lower costs, and greater customer satisfaction. Kaizen is aimed at reducing waste by making small incremental improvements that add up to major benefits.

Overview of "Kaizen" and Standard Work Process

Kaizen is a Japanese term for “change for better,” which results in Continuous Improvement. The principle of Kaizen is waste reduction, but the benefits are far reaching. Every process can be made more efficient, but instead of investing large amounts of time and money for improvements, Kaizen Continuous Improvements are small incremental improvements that can be made by everyone in your organization by improving standardized activities and processes. Standard Work documents the current best practice for performing a task or process and ensures that everyone is applying it. By documenting the current best practice, standardized work forms the baseline for Continuous Improvement. As the standard is improved, the new standard becomes the baseline for further improvements, and so on. As the foundation for all Lean, Six Sigma, and Continuous Improvement efforts, the benefits of Standard Work are endless. DVIRC is ready to help you get on track to ensure your company moves—and stays—in the right direction.

The DVIRC Difference

Manufacturing leaders intent on driving measurable performance improvements need the experience and expertise that only DVIRC can provide. Using our “learn and apply” methodology, our Continuous Improvement experts will train a core employee team in the Kaizen Standard Work process and will facilitate a pilot Standard Work implementation exercise to ensure the team has a clear understanding of the process. We work with our clients to identify a specific process area to focus on, create a project charter to establish project goals and objectives, and work on-site to execute the Standard Work implementation methodology.

Benefits of Standard Work

  • 90% lead-time reduction
  • 20% – 40% productivity improvement
  • 95% Work in Process (WIP) inventory reduction
  • 40% – 50% space reduction
  • 75% quality improvement
  • Significantly improved employee communication, engagement and satisfaction
  • Dramatically improved safety environment
  • Reduced training time, as Standard Work is written by operators for operators in a language-neutral method using visual descriptors

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