Pull “Kanban”

DVIRC’s Pull “Kanban” system is ideal for any business looking to improve on-time delivery, increase inventory turns, reduce space requirements, and reduce inventory.

Pull "Kanban" Method Overview

Pull is a powerful concept that enables you to take control of your workflow and deliver value to your customers exactly when it counts. Unlike a “push” system, where work is given to a person and put onto a massive to-do list, pull systems allow the person doing the work to pull in tasks as they are ready. This prevents people from feeling overloaded and forces teams to prioritize. This means that project managers and team members can focus on the right tasks at the right times while reducing wasted time or effort. Kanban, a scheduling system for lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing, is the most popular way to establish and maintain a pull system due to the method’s simplicity and the transparency that it provides. DVIRC can help!

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s Continuous Improvement experts will train a core team of employees in the Pull “Kanban” process and will facilitate an actual pull exercise. This “learn and apply” approach will enable the team to achieve a better understanding of the actual process.

DVIRC makes getting started simple. Our experts will work onsite with your team to go through the Pull “Kanban” methodology, which includes piloting a selection, creating a cross-functional team of process experts, calculating the right size “run time,” and implementing a pull “Kanban” signal to indicate when and what to run. This technique is scalable to most machines in a production environment.

Pull "Kanban" System Benefits

  • Dramatic reductions in work-in-progress (WIP) inventory
  • 10-20% or more increase in overall capacity and productivity
  • Freed up valuable operational space
  • Averages of a 20% improvement in on-time delivery and customer lead-time

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