Technology-Driven Market Intelligence

Recognize new opportunities and threats in today’s dynamic business environment with real-world market insights for new technology-based products and services.

Small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) are lean and often lack in-house resources to obtain market intelligence that is relevant to their specific technologies, capabilities, and goals, putting them at a disadvantage versus larger competitors.

Unlike traditional market research, TDMI directly considers the technical and market viability of your asset and characterizes the associated opportunities and barriers.


Through a structured process of desk research and expert interviews, TDMI can provide intelligence such as:

Identifying and characterizing the markets, trends, value chains, competition, and companies of most interest and relevance to your company.

Detailing prevailing technical performance and user requirements, and assessing how well your asset meets or could meet those requirements.

Describing your best options for moving forward with development, partnering, and market entry.

Filling in other key knowledge gaps your company may have surrounding regulatory, intellectual property, or competitive issues.

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Highly Advanced Technology Research Solutions


Since 2009, the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) National Network has offered TDMI services to manufacturing companies throughout the country. A recent NIST analysis found that clients who engaged MEP Centers to conduct a Technology Scouting or TDMI project reported an average total impact of:


New or Retained Sales


Total Cost Savings


New Investment


Added or Retained Jobs

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