Business Growth Readiness

DVIRC’s growth experts can assess your readiness for growth—whether to increase your topline, pursue organizational change, enter into a new market or industry, or other initiative— with objectivity, experience, and an understanding of the ways your business is likely to change.

Overview of DVIRC Growth Strategy Framework

Before launching any strategic initiative, it is vital to determine whether or not your business is ready to undertake the challenges it will face as part of the process. The stress on your human and financial resources, the time required to grow in a measured way that does not interrupt regular business operations—these factors must be considered from the beginning of the planning phase.

The DVIRC Difference

DVIRC’s Growth Readiness service is the ultimate first step in helping small- and mid-sized manufacturing companies (typically ranging from 15 to 150 employees) look beyond daily distractions and focus on identifying improvement measures to help manage, improve, and grow your business.

DVIRC’s Growth Readiness services include an in-depth executive interview to discuss your business goals and your vision for the future, followed by an anonymous online employee survey to understand how the rank-and-file views the business and its overall growth readiness. The resulting report outlines organizational competencies, opportunities and risks, and a hierarchy of recommendations to consider as you work toward clearly defined objectives.

Business Growth Strategy Benefits

  • An overview of action items required to drive meaningful changes to improve your current state
  • Dramatically improved ability to implement recommended changes with the addition of a timeline, budget estimate, and business expectations tailored to your business
  • Enhanced understanding of the implications and corresponding corrective actions or opportunities needed
  • Our clients frequently report a nearly forty dollar return for every project dollar they invest with DVIRC

Let us help you set the stage for growth.

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