Business Valuation

Whether you seek a business valuation in anticipation of a future succession planning event, partnership discussions, an outright sale, as part of your estate tax planning, or to secure financing, turn to DVIRC for a comprehensive business valuation analysis and objective recommendations.

Overview of Small Business Valuation

Most small business leaders avoid monitoring the indicators that could impact the future value of their business.  In doing so, they forfeit the ability to drive strategic initiatives that can significantly improve the future value of their business.   Armed with a DVIRC-led business valuation, you’ll find yourself in a more informed decision-making position.

DVIRC’s business valuation services cover a comprehensive range of assessments. In addition to the standard company analysis, we provide in-depth financial sponsor-, strategic acquirer-, discounted cash flow-, and comparable public business valuation analyses, and assessment tool. Together, these varied aspects of the business valuation process work in concert to provide clarity and understanding when you need it most.

It’s also important to consider the intangibles as part of the business valuation process. These can be trademarks and other marketing-related assets, or patents and software that carry a less-than-obvious technical value. Either way, through our strategic partners, DVIRC has real expertise in assessing technical- and product potential and intellectual property, and we are able to weigh their impact on the overall business valuation.

The DVIRC Business Valuation Services Difference

DVIRC has developed a tool called the Value Components Assessment.  This assessment provides a score based on 28 components on the health of your business over and above just the financial indicators.  Our Value Component Assessment helps you determine the economic value of your whole business, and more importantly, the specific steps you should take to add value to your company.

Our years of manufacturing-focused experience give us a level of expertise that many for-profit firms can’t match, and our business valuation strategic partners possess an understanding that goes far beyond the academic; their intimate involvement with the marketplace means that they offer unparalleled knowledge.

Our experienced consultants will provide you with the quality guidance and senior expertise you need in order to maximize your end result.

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