“Level Up” Manufacturing: A new Series for Philadelphia Makers & Micro Manufacturers Looking to Advance


This new and fully subsidized program for manufacturing firms with fewer than 10 employees is what every Philadelphia-based maker or micro manufacturer needs to evolve and take their business to a new form. Offered in partnership with the Community College of Philadelphia. This course is only open to manufacturers located in Philadelphia. 

Why “Level Up” Manufacturing?

Small businesses often lack the time, experience, and structure it takes to adopt best practices. This is especially true for firms with fewer than 10 employees. “Level Up” Manufacturing is a right-sized program that will train and help participants implement the tools and tactics behind some of the world most successful companies.

In this virtual course, small teams from noncompeting manufacturers meet weekly for 6 weeks to adopt a Plan, Do Check and Act (PDCA) approach towards business management, operations, and growth.

It provides a highly interactive experience with subject matter expert-led lessons and corresponding manufacturing-based case studies. It features ideation exercises and tools that enable participants to design and implement a vision and growth strategy as unique as their business.

Throughout the program, participants will share individual successes, concerns, failures, and opportunities related to managing their business. During these exchanges, tactics and best practices will be revealed to help make the most of a given situation.

Utilizing a “learn today, apply tomorrow” approach, “Level Up” MFG is sure to be hugely influential as you work to transition your vision into a prosperous reality.

The DVIRC Difference

Since 1988, DVIRC has worked with over 8,000 individual small business owners and executives, helping them plan for, position themselves for, and pursue growth. Our experiences have led us to create a Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) approach towards leadership, strategy, culture, growth, and operations.

No other resource in the region has the background, experience, and tools accelerate change like DVIRC.

What You’ll Learn

The program’s 6 sessions (Fridays 10/22 – 12/3) will provide an evolutionary roadmap for each participating company and introduce the following concepts:

  1. Leadership Essentials for Leveling Up
  2. Business Strategy, Scaling Up & Defining Your “Way Forward”
  3. Marketing & Sales 101- The Basics for Growth
  4. PDCA- Plan, Do, Check & Act Performance Management
  5. Visual Controls & Other Easy Ways to Measure Your Results
  6. Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement


This program is the first and only of its kind, designed exclusively to help makers and micro manufacturers understand and adopt best practices for: leadership, strategy, operations, and growth.

Participants will learn directly from the region’s leading manufacturing experts and take away a working knowledge of management tools that can be easily applied to drive strategic focus, revenue growth, cost savings, quality improvements, and universally higher performance.

Level Up Manufacturing is like an express MBA program designed solely for small and midsized manufacturing leaders in the City of Philadelphia who are looking to take their business to new heights!

Participants are guaranteed to benefit from the mentorship, peer to peer knowledge transfer, and incredible amount of motivation that this program offers.

Who Should Take This Course

DVIRC has created this program to put Philadelphia makers and micro manufacturers with fewer than 10 employees on a path towards sustainable growth.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received up to 5 business days prior to class start date will not be charged the training fee, or will be refunded if payment has already been submitted. Cancellations 1-3 business days prior to class will be charged the training fee. As a courtesy, we will allow you to apply 50% of your payment towards a future training course within one year of the cancellation date. No refund will be provided for same-day cancellations and no-shows; customer is responsible for full payment without future training credit. Registrant substitutions may be made at any time. Cancellations must be submitted via email to jenoch@dvirc.org or by phone at 215-552-3827.

COVID-19 Policy

DVIRC recommends all guests be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Unvaccinated visitors must take a rapid test (which may be supplied by DVIRC) and receive a negative response. Considering the test will take about 15 minutes to process, all unvaccinated guests should arrive 15 minutes early to ensure they can take the rapid test and receive negative results before they proceed to the training room or to their scheduled meeting within the building.