Marketing Plans

Get beyond ineffective tactical madness and partner with DVIRC’s team of industrial marketing experts to develop a step-by-step strategy for measurable top line growth.

Having a defined Market Position is not an option. Every business has one. Today’s managers are either dependent on how their customers and prospects perceive their business or they can take the road less traveled and develop a distinct market position that is designed around their firm’s distinct organizational competencies.

Smart leaders plan their future, seek out the growth markets that make sense to target and build a tactical deployment plan around the communication tools that appear to offer the biggest potential or a return on investment.

Consider this:

There are two fundamental questions that a good marketing strategy should solve:

  1. What can this business can do to engage with its competitive markets?
  2. How will it be applied to work in support of daily operations?

In today’s global marketplace a plan that insures a consistent approach to offering your product or service in a way that will outsell the competition is essential. However, in concert with defining the marketing strategy, you must also have a well-defined deployment structure.

The DVIRC Marketing Plan examines the following fundamentals in every business:

  • Scouting of Growth Markets
  • Targeting New Customers
  • Creating New Products/Services
  • Committing to Sales & Marketing
  • Local and Global Growth Opportunities
  • Developing a Value Proposition
  • Delivering a Value Proposition

Our Deliverables Have helped Dozens of Clients:

  • Capitalize on Their Perceived Strengths
  • Look at Overcoming Apparent Weaknesses
  • Identify New Market Opportunities
  • Avoid Threats

We go to work every day helping manufacturers like you apply each and every element of the plan in tight accordance to the details of the marketing plan. In other words we are with our clients every step of their growth plan. After all it is of little value to have a great plan if you lack either the resources or the expertise to make it happen!