Search and Recruiting Services

Building High Performance Organizations

Top performing companies like yours just don’t happen – they’re built one strategic team member at a time. Perhaps that’s why you are so particular about every employee. You recognize the benefits of “made to order” recruiting services, designed to not only find qualified candidates, but also the right candidate – an individual, qualified to exacting specifications that fits your unique company culture. The real value of our recruiting services is not “what” we do, but rather “how” we do it.

The most important factor for achieving and maintaining your competitive edge is your human capital.

The DVIRC understands this as well as anyone. Through our customized recruiting services, you can take advantage of a comprehensive process that will enable your company to consistently meet the challenge of identifying, evaluating, and recruiting the right people.

Overt Benefits:

  • Expand the universe of potential candidates for your opening.
  • Original research conducted for every search.
  • Comprehensive candidate evaluations, assessments, reference checking, and background investigations.

Dramatic Difference:

  • DVIRC consultants work with only one client in an industry niche which allows for an open recruiting effort and no hands-off restraints.
  • Uncompromising attitude toward ethics, loyalty and confidentiality.
  • The DVIRC process includes supporting the new hire transition to ensure that the anticipated fit becomes reality.

Real Reason to Believe:

  • The DVIRC process was developed by business professionals (not just recruiters) who understand what it takes because they’ve been there.
  • DVIRC’s search consultants have a track record of outstanding performance as evidenced by numerous long-term client relationships.
  • Understanding + Professionalism + High-Quality Service = Win/Win Partnerships.

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