DVIRC: Helping Manufacturers Grow Profitably Since 1988

DVIRC is relentlessly dedicated to the health, prosperity, and success of small and mid-sized manufacturers in the Philadelphia region. The Annual Report is designed to present the most notable achievements, development, and facts of the past year.

DVIRC ended its Fiscal Year with a very solid performance against our impact goals, thanks in large part to the dedication of our entire team and despite the impact of the corona virus. Like many organizations, we had to adjust quickly to the changing environment to continue to support our manufacturing clients.

View our client-reported impact metrics, how we pivoted to support manufacturers, and how our clients experienced topline growth and operational improvements.

DVIRC recognizes that innovations in technology are happening daily, and is helping manufacturing leaders identify, evaluate, and implement new technologies that align with business strategy, reduce risk, address workforce opportunities, and have a high return on investment.

We are committed to serving manufacturers that are ready to invest in themselves via a transformative process, while always using their vision for their future as our guidepost for change.

Learn about DVIRC’s work informing, advising, and helping small and mid-sized manufacturers implement Industry 4.0 technologies, including our contract with the Department of Defense (DOD) and our annual Manufacturing Summit.