Set-Up Reduction

Companies May Not Think of Setup Reduction as an Area of Potential Improvement…

But manufacturers that have experienced the Lean Manufacturing Setup Reduction methods are seeing dramatic improvements in productivity levels across their organization after implementing these processes.

Setup Reduction relies upon the principles of the Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) system, originally developed by Shigeo Shingo. Implementing this methodology leads to a dramatic reduction in changeover time for any organization.

SMED deals with the changing of products by a manufacturer and helping this company limit the amount of time and energy that is geared toward switching operations to accommodate this new item. Improved flow is important and the idea was developed in the 1950s and 60s to limit how long it took car companies to perform certain operations.

Instead of stopping production to adjust to new specifications for a different product, precision measurement devices and a high level of observance are directed toward making the transition process as quick as possible.

Shingo recognized several key techniques that should be considered when implementing SMED, as there should be a separation of internal and external operations, a standardization of function and not shape and an elimination of adjustments throughout the process.

By using the Changeover Improvement Process, companies are able to design no-or-low cost solutions to allow for a quick changeover in their operations. This reduction in time allows the firm to meet customer demand for high-quality, lower-cost products that are delivered quickly and without the costs associated with excess inventory.

Setup Reduction helps to disseminate problem solving skills throughout an organization, as employees at all levels will learn to corral any issues that arise in an expedited fashion. Potential bottlenecks in the day-to-day operations for a manufacturer are eliminated, waste is removed and efficiency is improved significantly.

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