Network Groups

It doesn’t have to be so lonely at the top!

Ever wish you had someone to talk to about the issues your company is facing? You could have a whole network…

DVIRC’s Manufacturing Network Groups provide a unique and rewarding opportunity for business leaders. We offer a confidential setting where leaders from non-competing firms share and learn about common challenges as well as best practice solutions to achieve profitable growth. You gain an invaluable network of trusted business advisors, business development opportunities, best practice presentations, as well as industry related resources. Each member will also receive a case study that offers solutions and advice targeting one of their current business issues.  

Attend a complimentary meeting of your choice, and learn what others are doing to grow their businesses and overcome their challenges.

Nick Hackett, President, New Way Air Bearings

DVIRC Manufacturing Network Groups foster meaningful peer relationships that increase in value over time through sharing of knowledge and experience. Manufacturing Council is my go-to advisory board when facing the toughest decisions, and a regular source of wisdom, encouragement, and accountability.”

Nick Hackett
New Way Air Bearings

Nick is shown here with examples of New Way’s latest technology development offering: non-contact gas bearings and seals for compressors, turbines, and pumps. Developed by New Way founder and CTO Drew Devitt, this revolutionary technology was recently licensed exclusively to Flowserve Corporation, a world leader in seals and pump manufacturing. Under the license agreement, New Way will continue to develop these products and applications in collaboration with Flowserve and their customers.

Each group provides a unique and rewarding opportunity for any leader. Groups are limited to 15 members from non-competing firms, which allows for strong relationship development among peers and provides a confidential environment to share and learn about common challenges and best practices. Members gain an invaluable network of trusted business advisors, business development opportunities and access to manufacturing related resources.

Benefits include:

  • Confidential peer-to-peer feedback on your toughest issues
  • Knowledge acquisition from expert guest speakers on topics selected by the group
  • Best practice sharing and facility tours
  • Discounts on DVIRC Training & Education
  • Professional facilitator chairs structured meetings
  • Business and personal relationship opportunities

Who should attend:

  • Chief executive officers, (all C level positions), presidents, business owners, vice presidents, key functional leaders

If you would like more information on how to join, click here or contact the representative in your county.