November 16, 2022

Waste lies at the heart of virtually all processes–on the shop floor or in the front office– and without a structured, proven means of identifying and reducing that waste, you are sure to lose money and productivity. Implementing Lean tools and methodology allows companies to eliminate and reduce waste, resulting in cost savings, improved efficiency, and increased employee retention.

DVIRC has spent the last 30+ years training manufacturing companies to implement Lean practices across the plant floor and front office alike.

Watch as Lean / Continuous Improvement Content Expert Nico de Sousa Serro explains DVIRC’s unique approach to Lean Training.

Join us for one of our upcoming open-enrollment Lean courses or contact Customer Success and Support Specialist, Teri Grumbrecht, today about holding an on-demand Lean program at the convenience of your facility.

Upcoming Lean Courses:

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