Network Groups

Join one of DVIRC’s private networking groups designed exclusively for manufacturing leaders!

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DVIRC’s Manufacturing Network Groups provide a unique and rewarding opportunity for business leaders. We offer a confidential setting where leaders from non-competing firms share and learn about common challenges as well as best practice solutions to achieve profitable growth. You gain an invaluable network of trusted business advisors, business development opportunities, best practice presentations, as well as industry related resources. Each member will also receive a case study that offers solutions and advice targeting one of their current business issues.  

Don’t take our word for it, learn for yourself!

Attend a complimentary meeting of your choice, and learn what others are doing to grow their businesses and overcome their challenges.


Having access to peers in similar leadership roles that are willing to openly share and offer honest and direct counsel is invaluable. I highly value my membership.

Mary Shafer
General Manager
Fabric Development, Inc.

Benefits include:

  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
  • Confidential setting, limited to 15 members
  • Exclusive to manufacturing leaders
  • Leadership development
  • Well structured meetings
  • Professional facilitator, advisor and coach
  • Each member gets a case study to address a current business issue
  • Best practice benchmarking
  • One free admission to a DVIRC guest speaker event
  • One free admission to each of the Manufacturing Leadership Series events
  • Get 4 free seats annually to any one day workshop presented by DVIRC
  • 10% discount on any training and education program  

Who should attend:

Chief executive officers, (all C level positions), presidents, business owners, vice presidents, key functional leaders

If you would like more infomation on how to join, please contact the representative in your county or visit the Calendar of Events to find which network group is best for you.